Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 23

When you married that man, you married into his family, and he into yours. Every other relationship that your husband has is now tied into your life somehow - for better or for worse!

Today, let's be in prayer for all of our family relationships. Keeping a right perspective and a good balance in family relationships especially is important to a thriving marriage! I am praying that those relationships will be blessings to our lives and to our marriage and not a hinderance. I am praying that they will see our marriage as an example of Christ and His church. I am praying that estranged and long-lost family will be drawn closer and at the same time that others would keep a healthy distance.

Let's pray that our marriages would have balanced boundaries - not shutting everyone out or letting everyone in, but learning to manage others outside of our covenent in a way that honors God.

Watch today's scope: http://katch.me/NONSuperwoman/v/3a18d767-4a6e-3f45-867c-22a1b09886af


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