Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 15

Would you say that you have an affectionate husband? Maybe one of you is affectionate and the other is not. Has this been an area of contention in your relationship? As we pray today, let's ask the Lord for an increase in showing and telling our love towards one another. 

Songs of Solomon is THE book on affection between a married couple. It speaks of kissing, longing, sex and mutual affection. I used to read novels that were unrealistic when it came to having loving relationships. Books, movies and other materials can warp our feelings and thoughts about sex and affection (which are not the same by the way). Affection can happen in loving gestures and sex is.....well, sex! Read Song of Solomon today and pray that you and your spouse will have your hearts, minds and romance rekindled. 

Here is today's scope: http://katch.me/KimCashTate/v/67d9d030-ac32-3afd-8526-c40ffa84f16d


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