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House Party!

I applied to host a couple of house parties for various causes. I hope I win. This is the one that I am most interested in right now. Check this out at this fabulous website

Since I have no daughters, this is something special to me. I actually sponsored a girl for several years and just recently had to stop. It really tore me up because she had the same name as my unborn daughter. Funny the things that rock your world so much. 
If you enjoy parties like me, then maybe this is something that you could do as well. Check it out. 

Forever Grateful

I heard this story on the radio this morning and it immediately moved me to tears. There is absolutely nothing like giving the ultimate sacrifice for another. That is why I love Jesus so much. Not only were His legs broken for me, but his blood was spilled, his whole body crushed....for me. There is no greater love than that a man would lay down his life. This is a link to the story of a woman who was willing to lay down her life for her children. It is especially touching because my husband is from Indiana. It could have been me....easily.

Blessed are they

I feel as though God has allowed the enemy to taunt, persecute and falsely accuse me this week. From the office at work to right at home, I have been made to feel incompetent,stupid and ignorant. Its a bad feeling. But feelings lie. In times like these, after a good cry, I recuperate with lots of prayer, surrounding myself with godly people and re-evalute myself against God's Word.

The enemy is an accuser of the saints after all. I am not ignorant of his devices, but, realistically, it would not be a test if there were no challenge involved. What God allows will bring Him glory. I choose to be a vessel of His honor today. No matter the cost.