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Kissing for your Health!

It's TRUE! I am not just saying that because I am a nursing educator. Obviously, I have bonafide statistical, analytical reasoning behind such a statement. But I have to also say, that I know it to be true myself. As one who has kissed and been kissed for many years, I have a wealth of knowledge regarding this. Lol. Ok, so let's get to the real deal here.

A really good passionate kiss on the lips will stimulate a lot of things including more blood to your tissues and saliva to your mouth. It lowers your blood pressure and can help with cramps. It also feels good because you are releasing your happy hormone - oxytocin. It is a neurotransmitter that tells your brain that your body feels good and it also decreases your stress.

When you have all that extra saliva, it actually strengthens your gums and teeth also. Without moisture in your mouth, you are more prone to dental caries and other gum diseases. Dry mouths are uncomfortable anyway, so tell your spouse that you need a kiss …