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Same God Right Now!

Sometimes I am tempted to doubt that God will deliver. Maybe this blessing isn't for me. Perhaps I read God wrong. We know that God has a good plan for our success and our future but like Moses and the Israelites, we are doubtful and verly concerned about, well....stuff. For example,  I was very concerned about finishing my degree. I didn't have the money by the deadline. Period. Point blank. I cannot finish my degree if I don't pay the school. God? What's the plan? In another instance, my married friend was troubled with her marriage.  I prayed for her but, again like Moses, the situation only got worse. What now God?Lastly, I am trying to minister for the Lord as He has instructed, but my resources are limited and the help is not coming. God, where is the supply for my need? Is this really what you want me to do?After reading Exodus 6 & 7, I am encouraged. Not only do I know the end of this story but I can relate to the children of Israel who doubt their delivera…

Who wears the pants?

So you may not know this about me, but I prefer to wear dresses and skirts most times. I am not necessarily convicted when I wear pants but I am free to chose. I chose to look and feel feminine, like a lady. I also notice that most men in my life (three in particular) prefer it too. I'm treated like a lady when I look, speak and act like one. It's true! 

The same goes for my marriage. When I attempt to assert myself in a manly, authoritative manner I get nowhere. When I try to do manly things (fix my own car, play rough with my boys) I don't get far. I even get hurt! Now don't get me wrong. Women do many things and wear many hats, but being a married woman - you shoudn't have to. God instructs us to help not to tell our men to "get out of the way because I can do it better". However, many women are raised to dominate their men, to take control if you want it done right. You wear the pants, make the money, run the business and the vacuum. 

We live in a singl…

Covenant Seedtime & Harvest

In John 4, I see three kinds of workers in God's field.In John 4:1-3, there are followers who are looking for the Christ. These are John and his disciples. They are sowers in the field.Secondly,  in John 4:39-42 there are those who believe, follow and testify of Jesus the Christ. They are reapers.  People believe because of their testimony. This includes Jesus disciples and the Samaritan woman.Thirdly are reapers who believe Jesus and go win others although Jesus is not with them. This was the royal official whose son was ill.I believe that God is calling all wirkers to work the harvest NOW and in this season! It is ready. Now, look at this!Yesterday I did my vlog about covenants.  You may want to review the vlog and notes in my previous blog. On the same day my two sisters also gave that Word. I will post links for you soon!This morning,  the Lord showed me even more about the covenant. Read Genesis 17&18. You will see the contrasting stories of two brothers Abraham & Lot…

Tru-Image Wifestyle - August 2013

Vows, Contracts and Covenants - Parts I & II

Tru-Image Wifestyle study
Tru Image Wifestyle - defined as a wife who stays true to the original design of God for her as a submitted helper to her husband, whose marriage reflects Christ & His church.
Differences between vows, contracts and covenants
Vow - solemn promise, oath, earnest pledge or commitment  (noun & verb)
Contract - written or spoken agreement enforceable by law, a treaty or pact
Covenant - a binding legal agreement, a law, a promise

Traditional Wedding Vows
As God is my witness - defines vow as covenant

I take you - Genesis 2:24 (leave & cleave)

To be my lawfully wedded husband - only severed legally

To have and to hold - indicates future sexual covenant

From this day forward - instituted immediately

For better or for worse - nature of relationship not based on circumstances

In sickness and in health - not based on illness

To love and to cherish - commitment of mind and heart

Vows, Contacts and Covenants

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The Heart of It

This past Sunday there was no post. Why? I was "under the weather". We actually had great weather, but I could not experience it due to a bug that has me dizzy, nauseated and having body aches. I went to the urgent care center to identify the source of my illness. Unfortunately, I was sent home with a drug for only one of my symptoms. No cure. No answers as far as cause, just medicine to prevent one of my symptoms. I took the antivert for my dizziness and found that I could not fully awake the next morning. Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I am an early bird. I get up before my family to put God first so He can order my day. But, I could not even bring myself to open my eyes or move my body. I later (after waking up fully) realized that the medication has a side effect - drowsiness, as they say. It's more like semi-coma-ness for me. So the answer to my problem only gave me another problem or did it?

This is how life is when we are not fully committed to the O…