Same God Right Now!

Sometimes I am tempted to doubt that God will deliver. Maybe this blessing isn't for me. Perhaps I read God wrong. We know that God has a good plan for our success and our future but like Moses and the Israelites, we are doubtful and verly concerned about, well....stuff.

For example,  I was very concerned about finishing my degree. I didn't have the money by the deadline. Period. Point blank. I cannot finish my degree if I don't pay the school. God? What's the plan?

In another instance, my married friend was troubled with her marriage.  I prayed for her but, again like Moses, the situation only got worse. What now God?

Lastly, I am trying to minister for the Lord as He has instructed, but my resources are limited and the help is not coming. God, where is the supply for my need? Is this really what you want me to do?

After reading Exodus 6 & 7, I am encouraged. Not only do I know the end of this story but I can relate to the children of Israel who doubt their deliverance and to Moses who doubts his leadership capabilities.

It is hard to hear God's covenant promises when we are in any form of bondage, but because we do hsve a covenant relationship with Him, we can trust His word! God will never fail us. The Israrlites were doubtful and Moses fearful and so was I. Moses knew he was inadequate but God allowed him an explanation of His divine plan. Sometimes it's hard to believe even when God is doing just what He said and the plan is unfolding.

So, it turns out that I received the money for school after the deadline because God's timing is not man's timing. I'm still on track to finish. God literally made a way out of no way!

My friend's marriage is also on the mend now. He actually apologized!! Now you know that's God to move on a man's heart that way!

Finally, nothing less than a miracle has happened and the Lord is busy opening several doors for my ministry and is meeting the supply and above what we have asked. Won't He do it??!!

(Insert shouting music here)

God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think. He us able to turn the tables in our favor! Even after I completed writing this blogpost, I was sure I erased it by mistake,  but it popped back up on my screen!! People listen, God. Will. Do. It!!

Be encouraged today about that seemingly hopeless problem, situation, money issue or relationship. I am here to let you know that I serve the same God is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses! Same God right now, same God back then!

Lord, increase the faith of my subscribers and readers of this blog. You can and will do the impossible for us just as you have in the past. We will praise you in sdvance for open doors, miracles, success and favor in our lives, careers, ministry and homes. Hallelujah! There is none like You!



  1. Oh sis you are amazing! Thanks for sharing this. I share the same testimony with school at one point. God came through on the very last day! He restored my relationship and my family. I now look at God and everything and simply say, MY GOD!! Whew! You are so right and this is such a powerful message that must be shared!



  2. You are so welcome Jessinia! I love to write about my Great God!

  3. Love this! Loved reading your testimony, God's timing and plans are so perfect! Tx for sharing!


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