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Reviewing Nine Books I Read in 2016

My goal for the year was to read 12 books in 2016. I have finished nine of them to date and want to share my reviews with you. I have made similar goals in the past and have yet to complete them 100%. However, my only competition is against myself, so I guess I earn the "Most Improved" award in this category.

I love non-fiction books and self-help. I read a lot from christian authors and I am an author myself. I have been told that better readers are better writers. Let's hope that is true! So with no further ado, here is my list:
1. Returning to Holiness by Gregory R. Frizzell

I started 2016 with fasting and prayer, personal repentance and what I like to call a Spiritual Retreat. I retreated away from family, social media and work to press into a time of refreshing from the Lord with this book. Needless to WRECKED m whole life! The soul-searching questions were just what I needed to plunge deep into the reasons behind my actions, my motivations and my fears. E…

Annual Marriage Accounting & Evaluation

It would not be strange to have an end-of-the-year job evaluation.  We are used to assessments in other areas of our lives,  but why should marriage any different? Let's score how well we did this year.

Using the Bible itself as a reference point, we can objectively grade ourselves and our marriages on performance as a spouse and as a couple.

First, let us set the benchmarks. Read Ephesians 5:21-32, KJV.

Husbands represent Christ. The goal is to be like Jesus. How is a guy supposed to meet that standard?! Well...the Bible doesn't say to BE Jesus, but to love LIKE Jesus. How have you loved this year?

Wives represent the Church. They are to follow after Christ & submit to Him. Rate your submission to your husband in areas where he is being Christ-like. Did you make it hard for him to love you this year?

Like a business that has to re-evaluate in the fourth quarter, we should take stock of how our marriages have grown. Did we yield a good return or did our marriage market cr…