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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 29


Let our husband's image reflect you in the words he says, the places he goes, the things he does. May He never be ashamed to represent You at all times. Keep him in the Word of God so that he will glorify You at all times. Forgive him for being self-absorbed or self-seeking. Let him surrender all of himself to You so that you may use him 100% in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 28

Praying this scripture over my husband today:

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer"  Psalm 19:14

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 27

If you know your husband's spiritual gifts, pray over them specifically. If he or you are unsure of what they are, read Romans 12:6-8 and I Corinthians 12:4-11, 28. Pray for discernment in your husband to reveal the gifts and to use them for the glory of God!

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 26

May the desires of our husband's be in line with God's desires for him. May they desire the Lord more than anything else!

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 25

Today, let's pray that the Lord will cause our husbands to be men of integrity, hard outer shells with moldable insides for the Lord's use.

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 24

Read through the Beattitudes and pray each one over your man!

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 23

When you married that man, you married into his family, and he into yours. Every other relationship that your husband has is now tied into your life somehow - for better or for worse!

Today, let's be in prayer for all of our family relationships. Keeping a right perspective and a good balance in family relationships especially is important to a thriving marriage! I am praying that those relationships will be blessings to our lives and to our marriage and not a hinderance. I am praying that they will see our marriage as an example of Christ and His church. I am praying that estranged and long-lost family will be drawn closer and at the same time that others would keep a healthy distance.

Let's pray that our marriages would have balanced boundaries - not shutting everyone out or letting everyone in, but learning to manage others outside of our covenent in a way that honors God.

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 22

Does your husband love you? How do you know? Is it because he brings you gifts? Says it? Shows it in other ways?

Let me tell you something....there was a time that I felt very unloved by my husband. I expected him to say "I love you" at every chance he got! Who wouldn't if you truly were in love?! I later learned about the many different love languages that people use to express themselves and it changed my marriage tremendously! There are five:

1. gifts
2. quality time
3. word of affirmation (mine)
4. acts of service (his)
5. physical touch

Finding out how your spouse feels loved best is a step in the right direction, but the only way that he can really love you is if he loves God. As we pray, let's pray that the love our husband's portray is born out of their great love for God and the way Jesus displays that love in a sacrificial way.

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 21

Great leadership is supported by great prayer! Even Jesus took time alone with His Father to pray and be refreshed in prayer. As we lift up our husband's leadership, let us also pray for their prayer lives.

I am praying that my husband will always embrace his role as the leader in our family. I pray that our sons will emulate his leadership skills in their own lives and families one day. I am praying that my husband will be surrounded by men who are good examples of christian leadership in their homes, jobs and social lives (that is soooo important) and that he will not abuse his leadership in any way.

Let's also pray that our husband's will look to Jesus as their leader and that we will be submissive to their following as they follow Christ!

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My Week 3 recap + GIVEWAY info!!

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 20

It's all about the benjamins, or is it?
Money is one of the primary issues and reasons why couples have conflict and is often the reason for divorce. Either we have too much or we have too little.  we are slow to recall the scripture that we need to be content.
Not that I speak in respect of want; for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. Philippians 4:11
Of course this is easier said than done when there is more than one person who is contributing to the finances or deciding where the money goes in the family. Some of us may even not be at the point of deciding where the money goes. Your spouse may be looking for a job and have been for a very long time. Or perhaps the issue is that they work too hard, too long and money is an idol.
Being a good steward becomes easier when we realize that we are simply managing God's affairs. It is easier to give, to save and to spend wisely. When we struggle for control over money, we give the enemy a powerful to…

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 19

Your marriage is not hopeless. Someone may be struggling with the thought of divorce today. The Bible tells me that it is not an option. What the Lord has put together, let no man put asunder. It's NEVER too late for God to intervene - not if you both verbally agreed or even if the paperwork is signed and filed. Hope for the best. 1 Corinthians 13 says that "Love Always Hopes". Let us be reassured today that our hope in God is secure and is covering our relationships.

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 18

If your house is like my house, there can be power struggles. I am a first-born who married an only child and we both could be the "boss of the house", but the Lord has set order in the homes of believers. I have to step back and encourage my husband to lead our home. It's not always easy, especially when he is good at it (if you know what I mean).

As we pray for humility between us, we have an opportunity to pray for ourselves again. May the Lord keep us humble as wives and keep our husbands humble as leaders in the home. Let's pray that they be "servant-leaders" who understand that they cannot lead well alone. Pray for wisdom to contribute when needed and to keep silent when not!

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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 17

Most men I know are not the most health-conscience. Since convincing them to eat healthy, excercise and stop bad habits is not our job, we must pray. Their decisions affect us and their children. If your husband is struggling with a health issue, let's take it before the Lord today. He is the healer!

"God, you created my body and called it “good.” It is my home, and yours and you want me healthy and strong so that together we can fulfill the responsibilities you have assigned me. This earth is crippled and my body suffers the effects. I need your blessing for protection and healing to counter this brokenness. I ask for the blessing of health because you have promised it. You said, “If you listen carefully to me and do what is right in my eyes, if you pay attention to my commands and keep all my decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you” You said, “I The LORD will keep you free from every disease.” You pr…

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 16

Your husband may be a father. We know that they want to be good ones, so let's pray today that they will. God is the best example of a father. He loves us, cares for us, makes great sacrifices for us and is preparing for us! Perhaps you have no children, but this is a desire that you and your husband have.
Using the attributes of God, let's pray for our husband's fatherhood present or future!
1. Loving - 1 John 4 2. Merciful - Ephesians 2:4 3. Righteous - Psalm 129:4 4. Present - Proverbs 15:3 5. Wise - Romans 16:27 6. Faithful - 1 Corinthians 1:9 7. Caring - 1 Peter 5:7 8. Forgiving - Numbers 14:8 9. Patient - 2 Peter 3:9 10. Kind - Psalm 36:7
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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 15

Would you say that you have an affectionate husband? Maybe one of you is affectionate and the other is not. Has this been an area of contention in your relationship? As we pray today, let's ask the Lord for an increase in showing and telling our love towards one another. 
Songs of Solomon is THE book on affection between a married couple. It speaks of kissing, longing, sex and mutual affection. I used to read novels that were unrealistic when it came to having loving relationships. Books, movies and other materials can warp our feelings and thoughts about sex and affection (which are not the same by the way). Affection can happen in loving gestures and sex is.....well, sex! Read Song of Solomon today and pray that you and your spouse will have your hearts, minds and romance rekindled. 
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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 14

Our friendships have changed tremendously since we've been married! Single folks don't have as much in common anymore and  others don't necessarily share our values.

Same sex and opposite sex friendships can be equally damaging. It's important to maintain righteous boundaries. Let's pray that our friendships remain strong!

As we pray for our husbands, we are also praying for ourselves because we are one! His blessings are yours too! It's the end of week two. Don't give up!

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Also, it's Week Two, so here is Anita's recap scope!

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 13

Trust. It must be built, but is easily broken. I asked Maurice about what the Bible says about trust in marriage. He referred me to 1 Corinthians 13 - Love Always Trusts! If we love each other, we should trust each other in that love. It's not just a sexual or friendship love, it's Agape love. That kind of love is trustworthy.
He also mentioned that the definition of love is deep affection expressed in righteous action. It's what you DO not just what you SAY!

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 12

Some of us may not truly know if our husbands know the Lord and are in a real relationship with Him. If our husbands claim to be following God, perhaps their actions do not line up with what they say they are professing. This is today's prayer challenge. 
More important than anything is one's salvation. The Bible clearly tells us that an unsaved husband can be won (without a word) by his wife's conduct and behavior! 1 Peter 3:1, 1 Corinthians 7:16  What a REAL challenge!! Ask God how to behave yourself as a disciple in word and in deed.
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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 11

Healing from emotions past, present and future is what we are praying for today. Some things may be known to you and others may be hidden. I used to think that men were not as emotional as women. Boy was I wrong!! It may not be as apparent, but guys have feelings too. They express themselves differently than women do and we must understand this about them as wives.
Ask for the Lord to direct your prayers in this matter. Asking your husband how to pray for him in this regard may be helpful as well. Just knowing that we are praying for them may bring some emotional healing as well. There is nothing like knowing that you are being covered in prayer by someone you love!
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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 10

Here are three Psalms that we can prayer over our husbands for protection. Just insert your hubby's name!
Psalm 23

Psalm 91

Psalm 121

Wives 30-Day Prayer Challenge - Day 9

Is your husband irresponsible? Well pray about it. Does he take on too many responsibilities? Pray about it. Does he find it difficult to prioritize his responsibilities? Keep praying. Don't give up!
This is Day 9 and we must persevere in prayer ladies! These are our men and our responsibility is to pray for them daily.
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Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 8

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? lol Maurice and I have definitely had issues with communication. To communicate is more than just talking, its actually conveying information to another party.

In marriage communication happens verbally and non-verbally, so today's prayer is for both! May what we say to our husbands be heard and vice versa. Men and women communicate differently, but everyone needs to be understood. There was a time (and I still struggle with this) that I did not communicate my real feelings to my husband. I am the type that would rather just "take down" and let him say and do what he pleases. I don't want to argue, fuss or fight. However, being a peacemaker also means keeping peace in your heart by sharing your thoughts and feelings. To stuff everything inside like I sometimes do is unhealthy communication. Or perhaps the communication issues in your marriage are not a matter of being too quiet, but too wordy! Maybe your h…

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 7

Welcome to Day 7! Today we are praying for Sexual Intimacy. I have heard it said "INTO-ME-SEE". Here are some introspective questions to guide our prayers today:
1. Do we experience mutual satisfaction? Have I asked God why/why not? 2. Do I compare my relationship to any others ficticious or otherwise? 3. Are there emotional or physical issues that I need to address in prayer? 4. Are there any addictions (mine or his) that I am not being honest about? 5. Do we pray about our sex life? 6. Is God pleased with my attitude in intimacy? 7. Have I asked God how I can improve your moments of intimacy? 8. Are we taking care of ourselves physically & emotionally as a vessel of the Holy Spirit? 9. Have I prayed for increased mutual desire for intimacy? 10. Do I go to God with these issues before others outside my marriage?
What you feed grows, what you starve dies! 
Here is the scope for today:

Also, watch the 1…

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 6

Ahhh...forgiveness. It is possible. Today let's choose to forgive our husbands of everything that offends. It's a good day to wipe the slate clean and start all over which a fresh perspective.
Once we make the choice to forgive, it is easier for the feelings to follow. Once we make the choice to follow Christ, he gives us the power to do things that may be seemingly impossible. Today I'm not going to bring up the past, I will simply forgive and move on.
Today's prayer although for my husband, will set me free as well. This is not just a prayer that can be prayed, it demands action. I need to ask for forgiveness as well. Sometimes when we pray, God will give us instruction. This is one of those times. We can't just ask God to mutually forgive us, we must put feet to our faith!
So go ahead, forgive him and ask for forgiveness as well.
Here is today's scope:

Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 5

Unity, Oneness, United, Whole. These are some words that come to mind when I think of unity.

In marriage,  as two become one we are forced to not be so single - minded. Initially it was not a daily struggle to see ourselves as a unit. When I was first married, all I could imagine was us together forever. When I thought of me, I thought of him. As your relationship matures however, you go through seasons of marriage and can become selfish. I did. In all honesty, our plans became my plans.
The way this world is set up, it's no surprise that divorce is so common. It's the opposite of unity. Divide and conquer. Split the money, the kids and ourselves. This world tells us that we deserve more for ourselves,  but the Bible tells us otherwise.
The Word of God shows me that I am G o be of one mind and one flesh with my husband. Physically, we are to be one and in all other ways. Today, we pray for unity, that we will think and function as one unit with one purpose - to bring glory to…

Wives 30-Day Prayer Challenge - Day 4

Is your husband your friend? Your BEST friend?
We are friends with God and if that is the case then it follows that we ought to be friends with our spouses since we represent Christ and His church.
Today, let's pray for a growing friendship with our husbands and evaluate how we can further develop in our relationships! 

Here is today's scope:

Wives 30-Day Prayer Challenge - Day 3

Peace be still! Do you have peace in your home? In your relationship? Or do you feel like your marriage is in PEICES?

There are times when I feel so fractured as a wife. Not that I am incompete, but perhaps....chipped might be  a better word. When things are not put together in a right way it disturbs the peace of a relationship. The opposite of peace is unrest or war. Soldiers are needed in a warfare. Women, we are soldiers on our homes and our battleground is when our feet hit the floor (or before!).

In the word of God I am reminded that the weapons of this warfare are not carnal (Ephesians 6), but are supernatural. Not only that, but the Prince of PEACE has already won this battle for us! We need to proclaim, decree and declare the peace that has already been given.

Here are some prayer points that I am praying over my husband today:

1. Peace of mind
2. Peaceful spirit
3. Peaceful sleep
4. Peace in decision-making
5. Financial peace
6. Peaceful parenting
7. Peace in his physical b…

Wives 30-day Prayer Challenge - Day 2

Welcome to day #2! Today the challenge is to pray for your husband's heart. When meditating on this topic, I realize that everyone does not have an equally-yoked marriage. Some of us have husbands whose hearts belong to the Lord and others are prayerful for a change of heart in their husbands. As we pray today, lets ask the Lord to take full control of our husband's hearts. Let's pray that the Holy Spirit will captivate them and that they will completely surrender to Jesus. Pray for evidence of a changed heart, mind and spirit.

The word "heart" also makes me think of passion. In what things is your husband passionate about? What gives him his fulfillment, joy and purpose? We can be praying that whatever moves him will be rooted and grounded in knowing and serving the Lord alone.
Today let's join in prayer that pursuing God will be his greatest endeavor! I have had moments where I felt in competition for my husband's heart and perhaps that has been your s…

Wives 30-day Prayer Challenge - Day 1

About two and a half weeks ago, I joined PerisistersinChrist on periscope. It has been phenomenal! We are doing a 30-day prayer challenge for our husbands and once again, I am asking everyone to join me!

Before we jump into praying for our husbands, we need to ask the Lord for a heart of prayer period! Some of us may not be used to praying for our husbands or feel as though he needs more prayer than we do. He has more issues than we do. He needs to be closer to God, etc, etc, etc... Although that may be true, God has given us the responsibility to "help" our husbands. Praying for them is sometimes the best help we can give.

In order for us as helpmeets to be effective, we need to pray about what to pray about!
If we do not have a heart of prayer, our prayers may be less sincere. You can't go into praying for someone else with a selfish heart. God sees our motives and perhaps that is what we need to pray for first! So with that in mind, here is a prayer for us:

Lord, I th…