Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 7

Welcome to Day 7! Today we are praying for Sexual Intimacy. I have heard it said "INTO-ME-SEE". Here are some introspective questions to guide our prayers today:

1. Do we experience mutual satisfaction? Have I asked God why/why not?
2. Do I compare my relationship to any others ficticious or otherwise?
3. Are there emotional or physical issues that I need to address in prayer?
4. Are there any addictions (mine or his) that I am not being honest about?
5. Do we pray about our sex life?
6. Is God pleased with my attitude in intimacy?
7. Have I asked God how I can improve your moments of intimacy?
8. Are we taking care of ourselves physically & emotionally as a vessel of the Holy Spirit?
9. Have I prayed for increased mutual desire for intimacy?
10. Do I go to God with these issues before others outside my marriage?

What you feed grows, what you starve dies! 

Here is the scope for today: http://katch.me/NONSuperwoman/v/d54dd29a-c1fc-3c5b-9c0b-6e749483e4b5

Also, watch the 1st Weekly Prayer Challenge recap on periscope with me today at 7pm est. Follow @anitamckaney :) Here is the link: http://katch.me/anitamckaney/v/1da01019-75ef-3a9d-a79c-ded2dabd1435


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