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Making Headlines

God already knows the story of your life from the beginning to the end. Hebrews 12 calls Him the author and the finisher of our faith. He is already aware of your mistakes and how it can be a testimony for someone else. Let God not only write your story but EDIT your story. You see, even the bad things that have happened in your life can be "spinned" as a headline for the glory of God if you give Him editing rights to your life.

When I wrote my book "The Titus Ten" I had my editor go through it twice....and guess what, there were still mistakes. If I had given up on that chapter, I would have never finished the book successfully. The blood of Jesus covers all your sin and wrong. He make a headline out of your error. The enemy wants to bring up all your faults, but making God the editor of your life "corrects" your past and makes the headline "BUT GOD!".

When a mistake happens in cooking, you cannot unblend what has been added to your life. Howev…


In Haggai 1:7, the Word says "Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways".  Haggai was speaking as a prophet to the people of God. The Lord was stirring them up to remember why they were working and who they were working for.

We live in a very self-preserving culture. The world is currently driven by selfishness and ego. As followers of Jesus, however, we ought to consider our own ways as well. What is the motivation behind what we are doing? Who are we really doing it for? Are we trying to preserve what is only temporary or are we living in light of eternity?

Today's scope:

Prayer: Lord, help us not live like the culture around us and become so self-absorbed. Let our lives be God-encompassing where You are the reason and the hope that we have for all that we done. Let us focus outward on others instead of inward on ourselves. Teach us to be like Jesus. In His name we pray, Amen!

Action: Post Haggai 1:7 on a mirror in your home. Let it remind y…

Blind Sight

How is it that we cannot see what is right in front of us sometimes? In driving, it's called a blind spot. It is not that you cannot see physically. There is no natural impairment, but sometimes you are not looking for certain things. We can often be surprised at things that can be very obvious to those around us! There is a certain television commercial with a popular character called "Captain Obvious". Each commercial plays on the irony of what is hidden but also in plain view. It is humorous on TV but not in real life.

In some cases, we prefer our "blindness" to the light of truth, however, ignorance is not bliss! There are those that will offer their direction for your life, but it only leads you away from God and further from light. It is so important to follow only those who are led of the Lord themselves! Otherwise, you may both fall.

Prayer: Lord, open our eyes to the truth. Make Yourself known to us in a greater way. Teach us how to come out of our dar…

Pray for the Children

Have you prayed for your children today? What about the kids in your church? Your community? Do you realize that praying for the next generation of believers is YOUR responsibility even if you are not a parent? Every parent needs others to help lift up their arms and support them as they disciple their children in the ways of the Lord. Who could you reach out to? What orphanage could you support with your time, talent or finances? Be open to the needs of those around you.

The body of Christ is a moving, breathing entity. We grow, we develop and we multiply. Let us be in prayer for the sons and daughters that will follow in our footseps to lead the next generation of believers and the next generation after that.

Today's scope:

Prayer: Lord, we lift up the children everywhere. We pray for their protection, their health and their salvation. Give them hearts to seek after you and to grow to love you. We pray for moms carrying and for those considering abortion. Ch…

Falling forward

Jesus fell forward as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was weighed down spiritually and physically knowing what He was about to endure for us. Have you ever fell forward? Strange isn't it? A loss of balance is usually a surprise that ends with us in a humble posture. Similarly, when your life is tossed around, it can either embarass you or make you more humble. You can also humble yourself on purpose before God in order to be stronger spiritually. That usually looks like times of solitude, much prayer and fasting.

Sometimes our burdens for others are more than we think we can handle. The great thing is that God knows that you will have that experience. He foresees your fall and will use that humble place in life to raise you up spiritually.

Today's post:

Prayer: Lord, use the low places in my life to bring you glory. Thank you for having mercy on me. Give me the courage to share my testimony so that others can see Your awesome power in Jesus name …

Unnatural Nature

We are made body, mind and spirit. Part of our nature is "unnatural". It is the spirit part that separates us from all other creation. God breathed into man and he became a unique being for that reason. To understand this part of ourselves requires the acknowledgment that we were created by a spiritual being who had a reason and purpose for doing so. One distinct characteristic of being a spiritual being is that God gives certain promises to those of us who choose to embrace God as our Father. 1 Corinthians 10:13 lets us know that temptation to step out of God's purpose and plans for us and into sin always has an escape!

It is like those serving in military. Our calling (if we choose to accept it) is to live a life pleasing to God, to make disciples and declare God's kingdom on earth. We may be tempted to go off mission, but there is always a way back to the base. When we make Christ our "homebase" there is always a place of safety and rescue. See...we are …

Breaking Hearts

Have you ever had your heart broken? Hosea knows all about that. The woman the Lord told him to marry was beautiful and she knew it. She spent her days with him and her nights with other men. It happened so regularly that it became her identity. Hosea felt like a fool....a fool in love. When he asked God why, the response was eye-opening. Israel had "played the harlot" with God Himself. Her heart was drawn away from the Lord and she had slept with His enemies, having children by them. God was saying "See...this is what it's like when my church does not respect me. It breaks my heart!"

Spiritual prostitution. What a disgusting idea, and yet, we have been guilty of the same. In spite of how God has been faithful to us, we so often play the part of the whore and turn our backs to Him. Let it stop today. Return to the Lord in every area of your life. Repent and recommit your heart to the lover of your soul.

Today's scope:

Prayer: Lord, you …

7 Rings of Our Marriage

Maurice and I are so excited to get into a new resource for married christian couples. It is a book called "The 7 Rings of Marriage" by Jackie Bledsoe. Reading this book was a joy. It is so refreshing that someone actually "gets it". Marriage goes through phases, stages, twists and turns. It is all a normal part of a marriage relationship, not an excuse to bail out.

This book is well-written and Jackie shares from his own experience that is tragic yet triumphant. It is an inspiring, motivating read and I will definitely read again.

As I pondered on the message in the 7 Rings of Marriage, I was inspired to share a bit about our 7 rings. So here goes:

1. Engagement RING

We were engaged on the 28th of May. It was Memorial Day weekend and how memorable it was! You can now see why that holiday is special to us. All sunshine, roses and a RING! I was the first daughter to marry and the planning in my head had begun.

2. Wedding RING

Now this is a funny story. I did not see t…

Dating Games

"Opposites attract before marriage, opposites attack after marriage!" When people talk about interracial or inter-generational dating, they know that at least in some situations there is something wrong with it that they just can't put their finger on. A game that may not be fair for all that are involved. The following is a message I wrote to a friend that I met online (1998). Multiplayers! Let's begin!

Interracial dating and inter-generational dating is something I've studied into. I believe that in the great majority of cases it is unwise (which is sin Proverbs 8:35-36 NKJV):

FIRST, Why are there different RACES (for lack of a better word)? In the book of Genesis chapter 11, it speaks of how God confused the language and scattered mankind over the earth at the Tower of Babel. It's my belief that those isolated gene pools created the additional races of people on the earth. Even though this particular incident is only mentioned in one place in the Bible, ther…