7 Rings of Our Marriage

Maurice and I are so excited to get into a new resource for married christian couples. It is a book called "The 7 Rings of Marriage" by Jackie Bledsoe. Reading this book was a joy. It is so refreshing that someone actually "gets it". Marriage goes through phases, stages, twists and turns. It is all a normal part of a marriage relationship, not an excuse to bail out.

This book is well-written and Jackie shares from his own experience that is tragic yet triumphant. It is an inspiring, motivating read and I will definitely read again.

As I pondered on the message in the 7 Rings of Marriage, I was inspired to share a bit about our 7 rings. So here goes:

1. Engagement RING

We were engaged on the 28th of May. It was Memorial Day weekend and how memorable it was! You can now see why that holiday is special to us. All sunshine, roses and a RING! I was the first daughter to marry and the planning in my head had begun.

2. Wedding RING

Now this is a funny story. I did not see the wedding band that went with my engagement ring until it was placed on my finger on my wedding day. Little did I know that Maurice had it custom-made and it did not have diamonds as I expected, they were emeralds! As he slid it on my finger, I was thinking "What is this green thing?". It was absolutely beautiful and stunningly unique. I was in love!

3. DiscoveRING

We made several discoveries about each other as the months and years passed both good and well....honestly.....troubling! We did not have the same taste in music, movies or games. We discovered that our first baby would never be born. We also discovered that we had a mutual desire for marriage ministry to other couples. These things fueled a couple's study that we led for many years. We still do!

4. PerseveRING

When hard times come in marriage (and they will!) you have to have a solid foundation. The theme for our wedding was...Walking Together Towards God. I had never heard of a marriage theme until Maurice gave us one, and I loved it! Every time we have had disagreements or "intense fellowship" moments, we have fallen back onto this thought. I believe that it is a foundation for us. If we are walking together both towards God He is drawing and keeping us together. It is not so much our efferts, but our love for Jesus that holds us close.

5. RestoRING

When one spouse hurts another intentionally or not, there must be a time of restoration and reconciliation. We have a weekly time set aside just for this. Without this "grace space" in our marriage, I do think that bitterness would truly have a root. Forgiveness, love and grace are needed in every marriage without exception.

6. ProspeRING

Nothing shows the fruit of a marriage more than children. We have two boys and they are our joy. It is quite funny to overhear them talking about how they will marry someone beautiful one day and have 10 kids...lol! Hilarious really! They are young and naive to the rigors of marriage, but we hope to give them the gift of an example of a Godly marriage.

7. MentoRING

We have had some really fun times in church couples groups and in facilitating bible studies with other married couples. That has truly been a great highlight in our marriage so far. The memories are amazing! There is nothing like sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of your marriage with others who will do the same for you. The church is one body and marriage is representative of that. To mentor others is to lift up their arms and strengthen their legs. You never know....they may need to carry you one day!

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Pick up a copy of The 7 Rings of Marriage wherever books are sold (including online). There is also an accompanying Bible study for groups and a bible plan on Youversion! You can also follow author Jackie Bledsoe on his website here.


  1. This is a great list of "rings"! I was very encouraged by your list.

    I agree that marriage goes through phases, stages, twists and turns. It is more challenging than we all thought but definitely worth it :)


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