Making Headlines

God already knows the story of your life from the beginning to the end. Hebrews 12 calls Him the author and the finisher of our faith. He is already aware of your mistakes and how it can be a testimony for someone else. Let God not only write your story but EDIT your story. You see, even the bad things that have happened in your life can be "spinned" as a headline for the glory of God if you give Him editing rights to your life.

When I wrote my book "The Titus Ten" I had my editor go through it twice....and guess what, there were still mistakes. If I had given up on that chapter, I would have never finished the book successfully. The blood of Jesus covers all your sin and wrong. He make a headline out of your error. The enemy wants to bring up all your faults, but making God the editor of your life "corrects" your past and makes the headline "BUT GOD!".

When a mistake happens in cooking, you cannot unblend what has been added to your life. However, you can choose to toss out the whole thing or to recreate something new and make it still appealing. That is what God does. He is the Master Chef. He adds His glory to your mess and makes a whole new recipe that is unique to you. You are not able to be duplicated and that is what God loves about you. You are His headline!

Today's scope:

Prayer: God, be my editor. I am tired of living my life in light of my past. You are the Alpha and Omega. I give you full rights to my past, present and future. Make me new in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Action: Create a new recipe, song or piece of art. Let the Creator create through you.

Our boys practicing piano


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