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The Dialysis Gospel

The Bible says that we are all born with "bad blood". We are dying unless there is intervention. God created us to  have a relationship with Him eternally, so Jesus Christ died on the cross to make a way or us to be clean enough to have a relationship with God. He is our lifesaver!
Picture this! The Word of God is our dialyzer. It shows us what is bad in our blood and  Sin is the infection in our blood and Churches are dialysis centers.

When we submit ourselves to the Great Physician God uses workers in the church (dialysis center) to minister to us. However, some people are just in and out of church. "Get me clean again." "What can you do for me this week?" Just because we "belong" to a church does not mean that we have been transformed.
Only when we truly embrace Jesus Christ and go under the knife of the Holy surgeon will we exchange our temporary access for an eternal transplant.

Our old bodies will be done away with. Sin will be finished a…

Submission as a spiritual discipline

Whoever God loves he disciplines. He is the vine, we are the branches. If we are going to be true disciples, it is going to cost everything, not just the things you are willing to give up. I confess, for me it is a lot. For me discipleship looks like submission to my husband as the Lord revealed to me today. I was struck by the verse in 1st Peter that mentions Jesus willingness to be crucified on the cross and directly afterwards it says likewise likewise wives are to submit to their husbands. So God already knows that this is a difficult thing. He is already aware that it is not music to most women ears. But what are you really really willing to give up for Jesus?I have been reading "Not a fan". I asked the Lord to prune me and to show me areas of my life where I have not completely surrendered to Him. This is one. I confess. It is hard to do. But the Word of God clearly says to submit to your husband as unto the Lord. If I am committed to follow Jesus Christ who is my Lord…

Discipleship begins at home part II

You may be thinking where is part I of this blog? Well I'm glad you asked! If you go HERE, you will find it!

One of my regular dilemmas is keeping my boys busy with wholesome, entertaining activity of substance. Sure they have the movies, tv, videos and modern things but they are Kingdom kids. To disciple them to be disciple-makers takes work!

Here are a few of my go-to "disciple them on the sly" activites.
1. For your reading homework,  use your bible as a text. Surprisingly, there is no opposition to this. They have their own bibles and cool bookmarkers to go in them. Kaz loves to share with me what he has read and even memorized on his own!
2. Very cool websites! I am a sucker for FREE christian stuff for my kids. Recently, I have fallen in love with these in particular:
The G.C. (Great Commission) Kidz Club You can get free maps, a passport for your kids and tr…

Eternally Vain

I have been reading in the book of Ecclesiastes lately. It can be a depressing book unless you realize the point. Life is useless, pointless and has no merit or value apart from a thriving relationship with God. All that you do is for nothing unless there is eternal significance attached, Attach eternity to your purpose and it becomes a game-changer. I have been highlighting words like eternal and everlasting in my bible as well. Few things meet this criteria. 

Life can be eternal as promised by Jesus Christ to those who believe. Jesus can to give abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven. O to be with Him throughout eternity!

God's Kingdom also has no end. This is so important to me. Of all the rulers, kings and leaders of the world, only the kingdom of God will last.

The Word of God lasts forever. No wonder the Bible has been the most popular, biggest seller and lasting text of all time. In fact, it will outlast time itself!

So the question becomes....what have you done that…

Happy Sunny Mother's Day!

It is a beautiful thing to have a mother that prays for her children. Whether they are yet to be born, babies in diapers or teens rolling their eyes, she loves them. Maurice lost his mother at a young age and so we get to spoil my mom every year and teach our children to honor their's.
While I look forward to watching our boys get older, I am also nervous about the future. My mom said the same thing to us when we were younger. The world is changing and getting darker by the minute. Will our boys be able to navigate the new challenges that the future brings. Well, God tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Today is a gift - the present. So today, I will sit in the grass and enjoy every minute of this Mother's Day weekend!

Legacy is important. We teach our children to honor us as parents by honoring our own. We teach them to honor God as Father by honoring Him as well!

Answering My Call to Discipleship

Words like discipline and discipleship have gotten my attention lately.
I long to be Jesus's disciple and to disciple others. My spiritual gifts are varied. I have the gift of mercy, teaching and leadership. I find myself as a nurse instructor and lecturer today. Recently, the Lord has put it on my heart to teach more in the church. Now THAT is out of my comfort zone. However, I am the bondservant of the Lord so I will do as He asks. The Lord reminds me that I am already ministering online (see Maurice, Anita N You - Interactive Bible Study on facebook) and in song (see or Tru Image and Tru Image Lifestyle Ministries on facebook). I have taught in front of groups of people before, but teaching the Word of God takes another level of faith. I feel the weight of responssibility to teach with integrity. The Lord had me going to nursing school, then put it to a halt and is sending me to evangelists and teachers who are mentoring me and training me to teach. Woah!

Why celebrate?

There are so many holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and special occassions. We are given a new reason to party almost every day. As Ecclesiastes says, there is a time for every purpose under heaven. Not taking time to love, appreciate  and remember your loved ones can cause you to be discontent, ungrateful and eben bitter. Just as we need to recall God's blessings in the past, we need to recognize the people in our lives who have helped, shared and encouraged us to be who we are today. Time is moving faster now more than ever. We are tempted to complain and work ourselves to death instead of taking the time to rest, reflect and admire the people, places and things that make our lives as comfortable as they are.

So for every birthday, every Mother's or Father's Day, anniversary and graduation, i want my loved ones to know that my life has been made more fulfilling by their presence, encouragement and smile. Celebrate! Party! Encourage someone in your life on their special d…