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Frustration: 2 Ways to Handle Our Thoughts

Frustration is that negative feeling we get when things are not going the way we planned. Married couples know this feeling well. When frustration happens, we have to choose between indulging in the feeling and getting in the slumps or deciding to shrug it off and be positive despite the negativity. It is an unwelcome interruption in our thought process and a distraction to our purpose.
Sometimes I have experienced frustration when I have attempted to do something over and over again without success. I feel like a failure. For example, I felt like a failure as a mom when I had difficulty nursing. I have been frustrated in trying to be a perfect wife (good luck with that!). It is discouraging and self-defeating to wallow in this feeling. Currently, people are frustrated with the racial climate in America. Understandable!

Frustration can quickly lead to anger, self-pity, depression and a host of other unhealthy emotion. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts and our thoughts (Proverbs …

When Should my Children be Baptized?

Good Question!! When our youngest asked Jesus Christ into his life at 8 years old, we were excited and willing to help him to grow as a christian, but we honestly were a little apprehensive when he asked to be baptized. I guess we should not have been surprised since we raised him to know the Word of God and to live it. "Don't be just a hearer of the Word, but a Doer", we said! 
My husband and I needed to re-research the Word on this. In Matthew's gospel, it is clear that making disciples includes baptizing them and teaching them to observe all things that Jesus commands (Matthew 28). Well...the Bible also mentions children reaching the age of accountability when they can answer for themselves before God, but how old is that exactly? (Isaiah 7:15, Ezekiel 18:2-20, Matthew 18:3, Romans 14:10,12). 

The Bible also mentions to "forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:14). We are not Catholic, so they had never been sprinkled or dunked o…

Guardians of Ancora Game Review

Our boys love Guardians of Ancora! This is why we love it for them:
1.   Getting the Word of God to our boys and regular engagement with the Bible DAILY!! The boys ask to play this game regularly and we get to reward them online for doing so. They are really learning true bible content and not just fluff and entertainment. Everything about this game is biblically-based. Even the title means a keeper for the Anchor which is Christ. It was developed in the UK, but is spreading like wildfire!
2.  The game is not cheesy. It is completely dynamic with amazing cinematic color, movie-like musical scores and it is extremely easy to interact with from the very beginning. They boys would say that is is!
3.  You can choose your own character! I love this feature because, honestly, you can be yourself with your skin color and choice of hair and outfit. Letting our boys be in the Bible as themselves is priceless! As a family, we each have our own unique character to play with and can co…

Four reasons why God will give us what we ask

Almost everyone knows The Lord's Prayer. There is a part that says "Give us this day our daily bread". Isn't it amazing that Jesus instructs us to ask things of God? It is the right and privilege of the child of God to have things from their Father. I tread lightly even when I ask my husband for something. I should have a good reason. I consider the likelihood of him saying "Yes". I try to position my point to my advantage and present a reasonable and undeniable proposal. Sometimes I get shut down, other times he sees my point of view and we agree.

However, when we come to God, it is up to us to come around to His point of view. We are not to manipulate and attempt to convince Him. When we say "Give us", what we are really asking for it for God's will to be shown through us. Give us what we need in order for Your name to be glorified God. Give us more patience, self-control and long-suffering to more like you God. Give us opportunities to over…

Cut it out

I just had a chat with one of my mentees the other night about the married man who had been hitting on her. It was disgusting really. This person, who was "supposed to be in ministry" was developing a relationship with a younger woman online. It all appeared rather innocent actually. She is cute. He is smart (and married) and they had quite a bit in common.

With a history of sexual abuse on both ends and the right situation, they had been developing an emotional attachment to one another, and...well, she liked it even though she knew she was wrong. Dead wrong! Initial, innocent conversations grew a bit sexual in nature. She led him on even though she hated what was happening. He asked for pictures. They looked forward to hearing from each other, and that was all the fuel the enemy needed to lure them both into sin. No, not physical sex, but mental captivation. You see, the bible is very clear about WHEN sexual sin starts!

"...but I say unto you, That whosoever looks on …

Promoting Christian Blogs!!

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Friends by Blood

Mary and Elizabeth were not sisters by blood, they were cousins, but they had something amazing in common! Elizabeth and her husband, who were too old to be pregnant, had conceived. Mary did not have sex with any man, yet she was pregnant as well. Imagine the gossip happening among their family! One would carry John the baptist, the forerunner of the Messiah, and the other carried Jesus, the Messiah Himself (Luke 1:46-55). These two women had a relationship unlike any other seen in the entire bible.

Some people we meet are potential friends and we get to know them and decide that they are not. Other people that we do not suspect at times, can end up being the closest friends imaginable. It is these people who become kindred to us. Some may even refer to their friends as family. In Mary and Elizabeth's case - family became friends. They saw potential in each other and encouraged each other in what God had called them to do. Not everyone may experience this blessing but perhaps we c…