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Happy Valentine's Day

Just recently, one of our sons came to us expressing his new crush for some girl. Wondering who in the world this special girl could be, we asked him and he refused to share that information. Imagine that! Our 12 year-old wanted advice about what to give this girl for Valentine's Day, so we had a talk about treating older women as mothers and younger women as sisters (I Timothy 5:2). Not sure if that is what he was expecting, but we think it went ok.

BUT....As our special Valentine's Day gift to YOU, we have three blogposts that we would like to re-introduce to you. Hope that you enjoy reading whether married or not! Leave a comment or two. We love to hear from our subscribers!

15 Things We Know About Marriage

Marriage Investment

Loving my Husband

What am I supposed to do?

So many times during prayer I have asked this question: What am I supposed to do? We all feel that we have a grand purpose and I believe that is God's design. We were all created to do something in a way that no one else can for the glory of God. However, discerning God's will for your life can be daunting. Discerning God's will for your marriage can be quite the task as well (especially if you have never even had that thought). Many people mistakenly think that their marriage is for their pleasure alone - not so. God brings two people together in a relationship because He has work for them to do. You may even feel that your spouse's purpose is more defined than yours.

We want to share some biblical insight on purpose, how to figure out what yours is and what it means for your marriage.

The only way to know what you were created for is to ask the Creator. However, in addition to the obvi…