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Ministering Together - Journey off the Map

Our preference is to always minister together. This time the Lord blessed us to minister during Vacation Bible school. We would both literally leave work and head over to the church for the meal provided for all the workers and teachers all week long. The church had classes for preschoolers through the adults! Maurice and I co-taught a class of about 20 3rd and 4th graders. Even some of them were "surprised" that we were husband and wife. We made sure to let them know! Lol!
During the course of the week, over 20 kids indicated that they had made the decision to take a journey with Jesus for the rest of their lives! All we want to do is to make disciples who make a difference. We had a blast and praise God for the opportunity!
General session before class, rec and crafts

Right Choices

This weekend I had an opportunity to minister to a few groups of young people at the Right Choices Youth Conference hosted by the Ministry of Reconciliation in Cleveland, Ohio. 
I shared my personal testimony about how God preserved me for marriage and encouraged the teens to be God's "selfie". If we are created in God's image then we are made to reproduce and bear much fruit. We talked about homosexuality, what husbands and wives are supposed to do and how to know if you are ready for a relationship and marriage. Many of them made the decision to wait for sex until marriage and to work on their relationships with God first. I was especially touched by one young lady who spoke to me privately after my session. She was struggling with seeing herself as good enough to be used by God. It was hard for her to give up things of the flesh. I told her to fast and pray. This will teach her how to empty herself of things that hold her back from giving herself completely to Go…

Atlanta Summit - Part 4

The Lord certainly did not mean for this to be just any typical Sunday. It was the last day of the conference and God confirmed in multiple ways through multiple people that we were to go out into the city.  After breakfast, the Lord led us to pray over the entire church building from the outside. We carried our anointing oil and as the spirit of God directed us, we were able to identify some strongholds in Atlanta in the spirit. Over the next several hours we took authority over the idolatry, prostitution, corrupt governmental systems and other sin that was identified.  Just as the disciples were sent out to various places, as WE go, we are to also pray for God's Kingdom to come and for God's will to be done. We are Ambassadors in the spirit and we all have the ministry of reconciliation. Sometimes we may have to circle our Jericho until the walls bow down to God's rule. Discipleship is …

Atlanta Summit - Part 3


Shortly after getting settled, I was able to participate in the Friday night prayer service. Have you ever just spent several hours in prayer to the Lord? It's a beautiful experience. We could take any position (lying, sitting, standing, pacing) in prayer. Bibles were open, journals were open. As people felt the urging of the Holy Spirit, they would just pray. It was truly a God-led experience. We could feel the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit which brought such a peace in the atmosphere. We prayed for the city, for leaders, for ourselves and our families. We prayed for the conference, the Pastor and those who were still travelling to get there. It went on for a long time.

I kid you not....I was tired after prayer, but refreshed spiritually! We were excited about what the Lord would do on Saturday. We had anointed the very chairs that the women would o…

Atlanta Summit - Part 2

Do you ever have those times when you are excited about one thing and them something "not so great" happens? Yeah, THAT happened! Maurice and I made plans for my upcoming weekend trip to Atlanta and told the boys. We were all happy that I would not be missing their last day of school :)

Then it rained. It rained hard. We have several thunderstorms come through the area with full-blown lightening, thunder and huge hail! We considered hiding out in the basement because we wondered if we would have any broken windows. Thank God that did not happen. We watched as hail fell like snow all over our back porch. Of course, Maurice had to go outside and grab some for the boys to investigate further. I was not even thinking of going there. My hair would hate me. Ha!

We realized that how we handled this situation in front of our boys may determine their future perspectives of how christians interpret troubles and difficulties. 
When God gives you a responsibility, a gift, a call a missi…

Atlanta Summit - Part I

A few weeks back I was asked to speak at a christian women's event in Atlanta, Georgia. I have learned to always give the same response "If the Lord wills, I would love to be a speaker at your event. I will pray about this and get back to you." I do this for three reasons. First, my life is in God's hands. I have surrendered my life to Him to do with me as He pleases. I have removed myself from the equation and it makes it easier to say no if that is the Lord's desire for me. Secondly, my husband is the Lord's covering for me. We have to make decisions together because we are one. Everything I do affects him and vice versa. Plus, we have to think about the boys and what is best for them. My husband is not my father. His role is not to boss me around or make rules for me. He is the leader and protector that the Lord has established in my life. Stuff just works out better and the Lord is pleased, when we are on one accord. Trust me...I've tried to leaving h…