Atlanta Summit - Part I

A few weeks back I was asked to speak at a christian women's event in Atlanta, Georgia. I have learned to always give the same response "If the Lord wills, I would love to be a speaker at your event. I will pray about this and get back to you." I do this for three reasons. First, my life is in God's hands. I have surrendered my life to Him to do with me as He pleases. I have removed myself from the equation and it makes it easier to say no if that is the Lord's desire for me. Secondly, my husband is the Lord's covering for me. We have to make decisions together because we are one. Everything I do affects him and vice versa. Plus, we have to think about the boys and what is best for them. My husband is not my father. His role is not to boss me around or make rules for me. He is the leader and protector that the Lord has established in my life. Stuff just works out better and the Lord is pleased, when we are on one accord. Trust me...I've tried to leaving him out of "my" decisions and God convicts me every time!Thirdly, not every good thing is a God-thing. Not every opportunity is for me either, Lord knows that there are a gazillion people that could have been asked to do this event. Who am I?? If God decided to allow me to be chosen as a speaker and my husband is agreed, there must be work there for me to do and I take that VERY seriously. When God sends you on an assignment, you best believe that He will pave the way!

I began to pray and to rehearse the logistics in my head. I also kept telling myself that it would not be the end of the world if I couldn't go. I have been invited to events before that I have declined, but this one already "felt" different to me. I believed that it was God's desire to send me so I acted in faith and sent in all the information that was requested of the speakers. I prayed some more. I informed my husband and I waited for his response. And I waited and waited and then he GULP! Ummmm,,,what hun? So what do you do when your husband says no? You pray and pray and cry and pray like I did.
"Lord, pleeeeze touch my husband's heart. If this is truly Your will let him see it and hear Your voice. I don't want to nag. I will not beg. I want to be a picture of grace. Nevertheless...let Your will be done in Jesus name."
I prayed a hard, honest, heartfelt prayer to the King who holds my husband's heart. I even whined to God cuz he can take it. Lol! Then the next morning, I was over it. I refused to pick it back up off of the altar. I treated Maurice with the same amount of love and respect and did not give him the cold shoulder. Then almost 12 hours later, miraculously, he changed his mind!! Glory to God!! I praised as hard as I had prayed. Then doors began to open. Remember that thing I said about being on one accord...yeah! So, I needed to be off of work for an extra day. No problem they said. I needed someone to take the boys while Maurice was busy. The Lord provided a volunteer. My travel arrangements failed and I suddenly needed a last minute roundtrip flight. It was offered to me! I am a living witness that where God guides, He certainly provides!



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