Right Choices

This weekend I had an opportunity to minister to a few groups of young people at the Right Choices Youth Conference hosted by the Ministry of Reconciliation in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The Teens
I shared my personal testimony about how God preserved me for marriage and encouraged the teens to be God's "selfie". If we are created in God's image then we are made to reproduce and bear much fruit. We talked about homosexuality, what husbands and wives are supposed to do and how to know if you are ready for a relationship and marriage. Many of them made the decision to wait for sex until marriage and to work on their relationships with God first. I was especially touched by one young lady who spoke to me privately after my session. She was struggling with seeing herself as good enough to be used by God. It was hard for her to give up things of the flesh. I told her to fast and pray. This will teach her how to empty herself of things that hold her back from giving herself completely to God. She had never fasted before in her life. She agreed to try it. I am hoping to get a mentor for her as well.

Bouncy houses for the little ones!

Speaking to 3-5th graders about how to study the Bible

My FUN group!

My sister Rose shares with the teenagers


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