Atlanta Summit - Part 3


Reading while awaiting my flight

Quick airport selfie :)


My escort from the airport to the Church

Shortly after getting settled, I was able to participate in the Friday night prayer service. Have you ever just spent several hours in prayer to the Lord? It's a beautiful experience. We could take any position (lying, sitting, standing, pacing) in prayer. Bibles were open, journals were open. As people felt the urging of the Holy Spirit, they would just pray. It was truly a God-led experience. We could feel the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit which brought such a peace in the atmosphere. We prayed for the city, for leaders, for ourselves and our families. We prayed for the conference, the Pastor and those who were still travelling to get there. It went on for a long time.

Missionaries with Faith International Church 

I kid you not....I was tired after prayer, but refreshed spiritually! We were excited about what the Lord would do on Saturday. We had anointed the very chairs that the women would occupy and prayed for salvation, healing and deliverance to take place. 

We actually had an overflow moment that carried over to the local Waffle House where we resumed fellowship. It was late, but we were expectant. We prayed some more, then we waited....


On Saturday morning, the Lord woke me at about 6am. I found a quiet spot in the home of my hostess and sat before the Lord. I don't know about you and how God interacts with you, but I usually speak first, thanking and praising God for everything He has been doing in my life. This was the same, but then the Lord directed me to the book of Isaiah. He began to open my understanding and gave me an amazing illustration of His Word to share with the women who would be attending the conference.

I had a previous teaching that the Lord had given me that I was prepared to give, but the Lord instructed me that it was for later. (Let me just stop here and tell you that if you do not talk to the Lord like this, you really want to experience it - share your heart with Him and He will share His with you if you listen).

So, armed with what the Lord had just shown me, we all got ready to leave for the church. The conference ran all day from 9am until about 7pm. We had a wonderful fellowship and a huge buffet of spiritual and natural FOOD! It was a blessing that the Pastor was able to livestream the entire event. Here are a few pictures:

Dr. Christa Martinez ministers

Sheneaka Pugh ministers

Pamela Fennell, Dr. Christa Martinez and I

Pamela Fennell and I

Keaton - Praise dancer

We had a truly wonderful time. What impacted me most was the powerful testimony of one woman who had traveled hundreds of miles to be at the conference. She had been diagnosed with cancer and she said that the Lord told her to "take up her bed", so she did....literally. In faith she packed up her cot and pillow and left for Georgia. At the conference, she was given the Word of healing from someone who had absolutely no knowledge of her condition. She later testified that she felt the power of God flow through her body. The ladies gathered around her and prayed and gave her more than enough money for her journey to and from Atlanta, for food, gas and any other expenses. I cannot wait to hear the rest of her testimony!

Sharing my message "God is NOT Impressed"

Apostle Harris ministers
Prophetess Battle leads us in activation prayer
Worship led by Porschia Guess

The Saturday of this Women's Empowerment Summit will stay with for a very long time. This spiritually-rich experience has impacted my life in an eternal way and for that I am immensely grateful to the Lord! You think this was something,  just wait until I share about Sunday & Monday!!


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