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Presently Waiting

When God makes you wait, it is not because He does not desire to give you His gift, but He gives to us at the proper time and in the proper fashion.
To give too early will spoil the surprise, to give too late will be a disappointment. Like a child that waits on a birthday surprise, we should wait on God. He has promised us exceeding great and precious promises and the waiting is developing more in us than we can imagine!
Learning to wait in God is acknowledging that He has our best interest at heart and that He is even more excited to give than we are to receive. When you are the parent who is gifting your child, it is so fulfilling to give especially to a child who is deserving, patient and grateful.
~ Impatience spoils the Present. ~
By not waiting patiently on God, we defeat the purpose of allowing our good and perfect gifts to change us in our waiting. Imagine the child who expects a birthday present, but gets it the day after for the following year. What good is a gift that is g…

My Master

I used to think that being a Christian meant that I no longer set goals for myself. I figured that God runs my life and He does, but we carry his name and a responsibility to always grow & developed ourselves. It is so important to clearly discern God's will for your own life.

Some people do not require a degree to do what God has called them to do while on this earth. I understand that, but sometimes God will raise you up for such a time as required. For some, earning a degree is the end of their goals. For others it is a means to an end. Like money, it is a resource, a tool for those who will use it as intended by God for His glory, unless of course, glorifying God with your life is not your true goal. If you aspire for a degree without purpose, it will be fruitful for you to have that piece of paper. If your intentions are Godly, your investment will bear much fruit not only for you but for the generations who will follow after you.
In the eyes of the world, my accomplishm…

Marriage Investment

Marriage is a gift from God. Like anything given to us, we must steward it properly. Invest in it. Multiply your love. Cultivate your relationship. Tend to your spouse. When we stand before God, our marriages will be weighed in the balance. We long to hear the Lord say "Well done. You have been good & faithful!"
How do we make this practical in our day to day lives?
Here are a few things we do:
1. Physical affection
Sex is important, but hugs, kisses, holding hands and love pats are needed too! You don't have to get naked to show your love (although we highly suggest it on a regular basis!). We touch often, every time we think to do so. It lets your spouse know that you are thinking of them. So, especially for the ladies, make your skin "touchable". It makes a big difference! Stay clean, fresh and ready for ....whatever!
2. Spiritual nourishment
Don't keep your spiritual life to yourself. It is great to spend quality time with God alone, but God did no…

Best. News. Ever!!


Do you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?  If not we would like to introduce you to Him! 
Jesus is God's son. God was well pleased with His sacrifice for YOUR sins on the cross. If you accept that He took your punishment for all your sins past, present and future, then confess it with your mouth and believe it in your heart and you WILL be saved. You will be saved from sin and death FOREVER! It's simple, but true.
Let us know if you made this important decision so we can congratulate you and get you connected to others who will help you grow in your new journey as a son/daughter of God!