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Less Average People

The nations of Genesis 10 have been used as an origin of the "races" proof text and has been very controversial. It has been widely accepted in Christianity that Noah's sons "Japheth is the father of the Caucasian "race", Shem of the Mongoloid race, and Ham of the Negroid race. Some have interpreted Noah's prophecies of his sons in Genesis 9 to be the Scriptural basis for discrimination of one "race" against another. Particularly, the supposed curse on Ham's son, Canaan, was purported to be Biblical support for Negro slavery." "...the majority of European artists and Bible commentators painted and described all biblical characters, including God, as white. This had the effect of excluding blacks from being a part of Scripture and has led some people of color to question the Bible’s relevance to them." "...according to some scholars, there are no black people mentioned." Don't trust another man to tell your sto…

When Marriage Hurts

"Why can't you understand the words coming out of my mouth?! You did not hear one word that I just said! I'm tired of repeating myself. Stop interrupting me and maybe we can come to an agreement! You don't care. You are not even trying to meet me halfway! You don't even love me."

Have you ever said those things to your husband? I have. I was hurting. When what we feel is not communicated to our husbands, we can get very angry, sad, resentful and bitter. No one likes that feeling,  but what should we do? Have you ever felt that you are trying your best and are still under-appreciated? Yeah, Jesus has definitely been there too!

Here are some biblical tips for Communication in marriage:

1. Offer positive criticisms. Accusations sound like what the devil does. 2. Agree on a set time to talk about conflicts. 3. Actually listen, not prepare a rebuttal. This is not a courtroom. The goal is a winning marriage! You don't feel any better if your spouse loses. 4. U…

Hagar's Side

This week I will be meditating some on the life of Hagar. Initially she was in a position of privilege although she was Sarah's handmaiden. To be that close to such a wealthy woman of a blessed man of God was special. Perhaps she took too much upon herself and her pride came before herin positions of privilege we have to be careful not to think too highly of ourselves.
Hagar a woman who was pushed to the side. First of all she was a slave and secondly she was a wife who was refused. Speaking against her mistress cost her great trials in her life. Sometimes it makes me think that one little incident can cause a world of trouble. Hagar fled from Sarah, being pregnant as Abraham's second wife. They were not getting along.
Sometimes it is the words of our mouths that open up the gates to unthinkable repercussions. However, Hagar was also a wise woman. She learned from her mistakes unlike other characters in the Bible. She knew the voice of God and obey him immediately when He tol…

Winning Souls, Winning Marriages

Eve was the mother of all living and all of us wives can learn a lot from her! There are three things from the story of Adam and Eve that jump out at me in regards to having a winning marriage and winning souls for Christ, which happens to be the goal of Wifestyle Image Network (www.wifestyleimagenetwork,com).

Winning Marriage
1. Please don't lead your husband into sin, or anyone else's husband into sin for that matter. Women, we have power to attract and seduce men. As a woman of God, you need to be attentive to yourself, but we should not be trying to lure any other guy. Check your motivation. Is what you do, how you dress and how you respond to other men's advances pleasing to Christ?
2. When we disobey, there is sorrow in conception and birthpains. Due to her disobedience God "greatly multiplied" Eve's sorrow. In a spiritual sense, it is hard to make disciples. There is pain in reproduction because sin entered the world and brought this curse on mankind.