Winning Souls, Winning Marriages

Eve was the mother of all living and all of us wives can learn a lot from her! There are three things from the story of Adam and Eve that jump out at me in regards to having a winning marriage and winning souls for Christ, which happens to be the goal of Wifestyle Image Network (www.wifestyleimagenetwork,com).

Winning Marriage

1. Please don't lead your husband into sin, or anyone else's husband into sin for that matter. Women, we have power to attract and seduce men. As a woman of God, you need to be attentive to yourself, but we should not be trying to lure any other guy. Check your motivation. Is what you do, how you dress and how you respond to other men's advances pleasing to Christ?

2. When we disobey, there is sorrow in conception and birthpains. Due to her disobedience God "greatly multiplied" Eve's sorrow. In a spiritual sense, it is hard to make disciples. There is pain in reproduction because sin entered the world and brought this curse on mankind. We are to multiply and disciple others, but doing this is difficult because of the effects of sin in people's hearts.

3. Our relationships should be fruitful. Even if you are not married, your relationship should be headed that way. If your boyfriend is not helping you multiply (which is God's command physically and spiritually), he is not your husband. Think about that.

Winning Souls

1. Unlike Eve, let's be accurate with the Word of God. When the serpent asked her what God had said about the fruit, she added to what God had said. "We cannot eat it or touch it, lest we die". Not quite right. It's important to study and know the Bible for ourselves. In Titus 2, women are instructed to teach other women, so every teacher must first be a student.

2. We are blessed and not cursed. Eve was not guilty until we associate herself with the serpent. Then she was cast out of the garden. When we attach ourselves to an accursed thing, we are cast out with it. Live should in the freedom to be what God created us to be and watch who you entertain in your company!

3. The enemy hates women. Why? We carry THE seed. From Genesis to Revelation, the devil's goal is to snatch the seed, the Word of God, Jesus, the gospel. Mary carried Jesus - the last Adam, the Bread of Life, the one who is the Firstfruit. Carrying the gospel is very important. It is precious cargo and we must protect and preserve it so that we may win souls for the Kingdom of God effectively.


  1. A lot of people are tough on Eve, but I find myself in the same position often. We automatically put up our defenses when we are accused, but instead, we need to humble ourselves and learn from our mistakes. Do not let sin rule and reign. Living a life of humility and repentance is key. Sin should happen less and less.

  2. Yes, it is so important to study the word of God, there is a lot of deception out there!

  3. Thanks for the post and lessons. God bless


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