When Marriage Hurts

"Why can't you understand the words coming out of my mouth?!
You did not hear one word that I just said! I'm tired of repeating myself.
Stop interrupting me and maybe we can come to an agreement!
You don't care. You are not even trying to meet me halfway! You don't even love me."

Have you ever said those things to your husband? I have. I was hurting. When what we feel is not communicated to our husbands, we can get very angry, sad, resentful and bitter. No one likes that feeling,  but what should we do? Have you ever felt that you are trying your best and are still under-appreciated? Yeah, Jesus has definitely been there too!

Here are some biblical tips for Communication in marriage:

1. Offer positive criticisms. Accusations sound like what the devil does.
2. Agree on a set time to talk about conflicts.
3. Actually listen, not prepare a rebuttal. This is not a courtroom. The goal is a winning marriage! You don't feel any better if your spouse loses.
4. Use the Word of God in sharing your offense, then stop talking. Check your emotions. Repeating the Word is enough. It works.
5. Don't forget to pray. Seek God before you approach your mate and pray before during & after! Maurice and I have been using these tips for years.
6. Remember to trust God, not your feelings.

We all have expectations in marriage but we need to surrender those to God and love the person we are with. Remember, you both chose each other. Make wise decisions because when you wake up in the morning, they will still be there!


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    1. (A) You are so welcome. Just some biblical things that we try to practice. Thanks for reading!


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