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Armed and Disarmed (Spoiled)

Today many people are armed with cash, checks and credit cards, ready to spend in preparation for any reason and every season. Even though they have plenty at home, the newest and the best is out and ready for purchase. Those who can afford it will get it all - the spoils of their labor.

Well, the Lord showed me something interesting about being spoiled. Itis actually a military term as well that brought some scriptures to new light.

The phrase "the arm of the Lord" appears multiple times throughout the Bible. It refers to strength and one who fights for the Lord (bears arms). It is most often referring to the coming Messiah, Jesus Himself. We see this theme throughout the book of Isaiah 51:9, 52:10, 53:1, 54, 59:1. Jesus is the arm of the Lord. He bore our iniquities. Although we are instructed to take up arms (Ephesians 6), our enemy has already been defeated. My Bible tells me in Colossians 2:13-15 that Jesus "spoiled" the evil principalities that were against u…