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Learning financial Responsibility

My boys just have to have the new Iron Man Repulsor toy. I told them to go in their piggy banks and see how much money they have. This toy cost a crazy 17 dollars. They came up with $26 put together, so I told them that if they washed my car today I would give them each a dollar and they could each get a toy.
I'm so proud of them for sharing their money; first of all because one son gave the other one at least 6 dollars.  Without it, he could not have gotten a toy. Secondly I am proud of them for taking up the challenge to wash my car to earn extra cash on top of the other chores that they have to do on a Saturday. They are really growing up!

Be a Nurse

Not THAT kind of nurse, a spiritual nurse. There are people all over the world who are hungry or thirsty naked sick, and are in need of a nurse.

I was working today and on my break I decided to stop in a parking lot across from a dollar store. There was a man out side who was begging for money. He simply sat and shook his cup at every person who passed by. It was one of those moments where I would be justified in not doing anything. I could simply go on about my day and ignore him, or give him some money. Those were my only options at the time or so I thought. I decided to ignore him.

As I pulled away in the parking lot I recalled the scriptures that mentioned giving to the poor, doing for the least of these and, if someone asked anything of him that you should give it to him. I wrestled with my flesh for about a minute and then I saw a Mcdonald's very close by. I pulled in and ordered a value meal and turned around and gave it to the man who was extremely grateful.

I am a nurse…


Image I just finished day 84 of Eat this Book: One Year Bible with Daily Psalm Bible reading plan at YouVersion.comI am finding that I need to spend more and more time in the word of God. Do I have a ton of extra time no, but once again I must reprioritize to keep God first in my life. Today is Sunday and I believe that from now on Sundays will be my day to get into the word of God..

Mother's Day

Sometimes the Lord gives me a revelation; Not something new necessarily, but my eyes are more open to something that has been true all along. I've just had one of those moments about motherhood.

Moms come in every shape, form, fashion, color and creed whether intentionally, by choice or not. But in any case, God has allowed a woman to assist in raising a child.

The work a mother does is similar to the work of the Holy Spirit.

1. She shares physical space with her child. The Holy Spirit dwells within us.

2. A good mom teaches her child right from wrong. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and reminds us of what Jesus has said.

3. Mothers are good at understanding. We call her and she seems to be good at making everything ok. The Holy Spirit interprets our prayers, moans and groans as well.

Now, don't get it twisted. We are not referring to gender identity, only roles and similarities. The Lord is a Spirit, neither male nor female. Most of the time, God is referred to as Father…

Cinco de Mayo - A few of my favorite things

Love the zipper and heel on these!
My tallest heels yet!
Speechless ~


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