Be a Nurse

Not THAT kind of nurse, a spiritual nurse. There are people all over the world who are hungry or thirsty naked sick, and are in need of a nurse.

I was working today and on my break I decided to stop in a parking lot across from a dollar store. There was a man out side who was begging for money. He simply sat and shook his cup at every person who passed by. It was one of those moments where I would be justified in not doing anything. I could simply go on about my day and ignore him, or give him some money. Those were my only options at the time or so I thought. I decided to ignore him.

As I pulled away in the parking lot I recalled the scriptures that mentioned giving to the poor, doing for the least of these and, if someone asked anything of him that you should give it to him. I wrestled with my flesh for about a minute and then I saw a Mcdonald's very close by. I pulled in and ordered a value meal and turned around and gave it to the man who was extremely grateful.

I am a nurse by occupation but I am also a nurse by spiritual commission. How could I ignore need? Jesus did not and neither will I; not while I have a godly license plate and call myself a follower of Christ.
Yes it was just one meal on one hot day but it was a moment in time to not only win the battle against my flesh but to give the devil a knock out punch as well. When David faced Goliath, not only did he knock him down with a slingshot but he also took his sword and chopped his head off. My job is not to daze my enemy to destroy him, not to bandage a would but kill the organism causing causing the infection.
I must be about my father's business and this is just the beginning.


I had to update this post to share what happened later that day....

After work, I woman was in the elevator with a student and I. She asked if we were headed in the direction she was because she needed a ride. I noticed that this older woman (at least 60) was using a cane and she expressed her concern about taking the bus for her 3 hour round trip back home. My heart went out to her and I told her that I could at least get her to the rapid. She immediately smiled and followed me to my car. I do not have a/c now and I felt sorry for her that I didn't. She did not mind and she showed me where to go. When I dropped her off, she said "O God bless you!!". Amen to that. I told her to have a nice day and I praised God once again for being glorified through another sacrifice on the same day!


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