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Once upon a time there was a wife. She was frustrated. She had a husband to care for and children to raise, a job to keep and a house to manage. It was overwhelming. She wondered if she was alone. She wondered if other women went through the same things as she did. She was busy. She was always busy doing something that she felt like God wanted her to do. But she was not focused. She was not doing whatever the one thing was that she could do best for the Lord. Then she decided to fast and ask the Lord what He wanted for her life. She came before God and told him that she would not move until He gave her specifics as to what to do. Wifestyle Image Network (W.I.N.) was then birthed in prayer and fasting.

Sometimes in life we overlook the simplest things. Even as a Christian who reads the Bible, nothing in it is truly understood until the Holy Spirit reveals it to you in a way that you can understand. Just five days ago, God showed me a vision of Titus 2 in action. In just an early morn…

Commitment vs Compromise

This last vlog was hard for me to articulate. At one point, I was a bit emotional. But if the things of God do not move you, what can? This is a difficult subject, but necessary. I am a teacher of God's Word and I pray that this peek into my personal devotions is a blessing to you!

Tru Image Wifestyle Vlog #3 Commitment vs Compromise Numbers 24, Revelation 2

I love Tru Image

Click HERE to see us singing on our Google+ page. Our CD release concert is in November!!

My mom, sisters and I have been singing together for many years. We have two CDs out "I'll Be Glorified" and "Acapella: Crystal Clear". Our third is being released later this fall. Not only do we sing but God has opened doors for us to minister the Word of God as well. My mother is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My sister has authored books and bible studies. My husband and I are over the marriage portion of our ministry. God has been good to us and we just desire to know Christ, allow him to transform us and to make him known thereby transforming others. 
You can find out much more about us at our website, on facebook (Tru Image), LinkedIn, YouTube (Trutube4U) and Instagram (truimagelsm).

Be Confident of this!

Phillippians1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ".
This morning I read first king chapter 1 and it was about King David who had become lax in preparing his successor to reign. How many times have we known of the promises of God to us, but fail to act on them? 
God has promised David an everlasting kingdom. While he was cuddled up with a cute young thing in his old age, another person had begun to steal his legacy. Imagine how Bathsheba feels. King David had her previous husband killed and now she had to come and humbly ask him while he was snuggled up with someone who could have been her granddaughter about her son being the king after him. Could she at least get that justice? If this were in the 21st century, after that lawsuit, she would be Queen! But God did something better. He continued the royal legacy through her all the way to Jesus Christ Himself!!
Solomon was Bathsheba…

I GET to serve!

This morning I feel so honored and priviliged that God would use me in any capacity whatsoever! I had three people tell me what a great teacher I was. I was their favorite and they enjoy learning from me. I was flattered. But flattery is so temporary. My goal is to hear my God say "Well done my good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord". WOW!!In the Kingdom of God we have responsibilities. I have never understood how people can say that since they are now saved, they can relax. O no! Yesterday I attendee the Tye Tribbett concert here in my city and my sister was with me. Since it was at her church, she was asked to serve. She willingly accepted to serve instead of enjoying the concert as an attendee. She got up, gave her seat away and simply said "I GET to serve". What a humble attitude! Jesus with skin on. Her husband was also serving in the parking lot outaide missing majority of the concert himself. He willingly stood out there to manage veh…

Tru-Image Wifestyle Vlog #2

Here is Tru-Image Wifestyle Vlog #2. I actually was not sure if the Lord wanted me to talk about this or not, but as I wondered over the last month, things began falling into place. A message here, a sermon there, quiet times and other conversations confirmed it. So please do listen. There is only one video this

Notes from this vlog:
Scriptures: Isaiah 58, John 4, Psalm 23

Your only complete satisfaction is in Christ. Don’t expect perfect love, understanding and contentment from a man. He can’t do it.

Concentrate on respect and being a helpmeet.

Learn that man. Write down what you love about him and respect him for. Accentuate the positive.

How can I help you?

Marriage is about service and sacrifice on both ends, then satisfaction comes!

R - Remember that you are a sheep E - Embrace intimacy with the Shepard! S - Sabbath T - Trust God!

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Call your daddy

It's Labor Day weekend! Time to just sit back and relax right? No way! Not if you are a mom and wife like me. It's so strange but at my house when I wanr to "do nothing" is when everyone else wants to make plans. When I'm excited to "go and do" everyone is a homebody! Weird.

So friends, next week is my next Tru-Image Wifestyle Vlog on google hangouts! You can rsvp for the event right HERE. Please pray that God will bless this event and that everyone who participates and/or watches later will be blessed! Thanks.

Has school started for you? It has for me. I am taking a bible class and my nursing classes for my MSN. It's hectic because I'm also teaching fulltime. This is what I do to! So the struggle becomes DISCIPLINE! I must be disciplined to wake up and spend time with my Heavenly Father, go to bed at a decent time each night, remain organized and sure to prioritize and re-prioritize my life as the Lord leads. But when I get busy, i…