Be Confident of this!

Phillippians1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ".

This morning I read first king chapter 1 and it was about King David who had become lax in preparing his successor to reign. How many times have we known of the promises of God to us, but fail to act on them? 

God has promised David an everlasting kingdom. While he was cuddled up with a cute young thing in his old age, another person had begun to steal his legacy. Imagine how Bathsheba feels. King David had her previous husband killed and now she had to come and humbly ask him while he was snuggled up with someone who could have been her granddaughter about her son being the king after him. Could she at least get that justice? If this were in the 21st century, after that lawsuit, she would be Queen! But God did something better. He continued the royal legacy through her all the way to Jesus Christ Himself!!

Solomon was Bathsheba's son by David. He was the rightful heir that David had failed to promote. Maybe cuz his new little girlfriend has his old self in a coma. In any case, God's plan to 1. Keep His Word and 2. Continue the legacy, would be fulfilled in spite of this disfunctional family mess.

Even though life does not appear to be happening in your favor, God will complete what he has started in us. If you are like David - too old, tired or have a past; or whether you are like Bathsheba - a one-night stand ruined your life, you have a broken heart or feel like injustice follows you around, God is faithful. On that you can depend!

Be confident of that. I am.


  1. Yes, O the Mercy of God. Yes David paid a very heavy price for what he did, but God was faithful to David. Solomon also gave us 2 books in the bible. When we fail, we can only run to Him, the ones who really loves us. That's what David did. Thanks for posting.

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