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She Died

RT @ABC: Top Japanese Official Urges Elderly to "Hurry Up and Die" I took my nursing students to the hospital. One student's patient died. She was in her eighties. When we had first arrived, she was awake, alert and pleasant. My student talked wIth her and gave her a bed bath and excellent nursing care. However, her vital signs were the first clue that something was wrong. High fever and respirations were reported but not followed up. When we checked later she was not responsive. It was quick. She died in about 40 minutes. She saw God today.Then hours later I read this article and I was repulsed. The love of money is truly the root of all evil. Lets get rid of the "tube people" to keep our wallets fat? God forbid! Not only is abortion legal, but there are people who consider the death of elders a contribution to society. Christians are in line too. I can only pray that people wake up to the truth. Money is temporary,  souls are eternal…

Fast and Pray

The Daniel Fast. Wow. Honestly believe that this is 1 of the hardest fast I have ever done. I've never done this fast before, but for some reason, this fast in general has really complicated my life.
The temptations are ridiculous! I have been tempted to eat food that I should not eat and I  have been tempted to sin in many ways. The flesh is truly dying here with all of the self discipline that is being imposed upon me at this time. I am truly relating to Jesus in the wilderness being tempted by the devil more now than ever.
However, at the very same time God has poured out some crazy, and I mean crazy, blessings on my life during this time. It begin on day 1. I decided to get rid of some things to crucify the flesh and to clean out myself spiritually physically mentally emotionally and in every way so the Lord could fill my life completely and mutiple  blessings were poured down that SAME DAY!!

After the 10th day my fast had to change because I caught a virus. Great!! Well, I …


Natural hair care styling

This is one example of how I style my hair just in case you were dying to know. Lol. Actually I have been natural for over five years now.

Here is another way I wore this style later that day. Thanks for reading!

New Year Chili

My family has been bugging me to make my famous chili. The problem is I don't remember how I made it. So today I decided to make a new brand of my famous chili. Here are the ingredients:Ground beef
Kidney beans
Refried beans
Brown sugar
Spaghetti sauce
Creamed corn
Chili power
Peppered bacon
Minced garlic
Sour cream when servedI wanted to add cumin (was out) and tomatoes (just ate them), but didn't.Enjoy!