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Renewing the Reprobate Mind

When our conscious is "seared" as the Bible calls it, we become immune to the gentle tug of the Holy Spirit to lead us in the right direction. Like a person who has been burned, we are calloused to conviction. This is a dangerous place to be. One becomes so accustomed to sin in their lives that it does not worry them. It does not feel bad, it actually feels pretty good. The heart is incorrigible. You do not want to become numb to what is holy.
You know you have gone blind when you can "see nothing wrong" with something that God has called sin.
The definition of reprobate is an unprincipled person, destined to damnation and morally depraved. The only cure for the reprobate mind is the renewed mind. The old man must die completely. Renewal is the state of being made brand new.
Ezekiel 37:1-14 speaks of dead, dry bones being brought "back to life". When we are dead to Christ, we cannot hear, see or respond to God's love. However, a renewed life is awake …