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Transplanting Emotions

Do not worry about tomorrow. Do not be anxious about anything. One day at a time. These are the things that we read in the Bible about worry. As we have been preparing for this bone marrow transplant, we have experienced possibly every single emotion! A little bit of fear, sadness, excitement, anxiety and joy. It is all happening - some of them simultaneously. Nothing rocks your life quite like the expectation of hope that a transplant brings, along with the lack of control and concern that it may not actually be all you hoped.

As I sat in the apartment that I was blessed to have close to the hospital, I am struck with the thought that I was also in need of a transplant, like my husband. His is physical, but mine is emotional. All of the people in this building are here because they are either a transplant patient or a transplant patient's caregiver. What a blessing to make such a place available! I have learned even more about transplants lately as you can imagine.
A transplant of…