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The Prince of Peace

The opposite of peace is war. There is much war in our world today. Countries are fighting. Races of people are fighting. There is fighting in marriages and homes. We even fight ourselves mentally. Where is the peace in this world? Does it even exist?

In Isaiah 9:6, it is prophesied that one would come who would be the Prince of Peace. One of the first attributes given to Jesus was by the angel and heavenly hosts when they exclaimed to the shepards:

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men. Luke 2:14
With all the chaos, natural disasters, crime, violence and injustice the same Jesus brings peace to the world and to our hearts. As a matter of fact, we can experience a peace that surpasses our comprehension.

As a storm raged above Him, Jesus was resting quietly on a boat. Those with Him were freaking out and Jesus rebuked the winds and waves and calmed the sea. No matter what is happening in our world, from sea to shining sea, He is still our only hope and so…


For every disappointment in my life, God has given me a replacement. Negative words spoken over me have been replaced by the Word of God. Regrets from my past have been replaced by a glorious future. Even expectations from my husband have been replaced by quality time with the lover of my soul.

The enemy is crafty. He has a counterfeit, a mirage for every truth that God has given.
Instead of wondering what God's plans for you are, trust Him with what He has already revealed to you. Once we are transformed from this earthly kingdom to the heavenly kingdom we not only renew our minds, but replace our possessions. Think about this. Everything you own is now His. Every thought you think belongs to Christ. Every way you use your body is managing God's temple.

Now that we are saved, all things have become new - whether you acknowledge it or not. Some believe that salvation happens over time. According to my bible, the work of Jesus Christ is complete. That means that your new life bega…

No Other Savior!

Once I took my boys swimming at a friend's house. We were having a great time until one of my sons decided to go down "the big slide". This boy had no swimming lessons and yet he took the plunge just trusting that he would be ok. He went down and did not come up. We could not find him....

My heart sank. I was the worst mother on planet earth. My husband would never forgive me. Would I go to hell? Perhaps you know this feeling. You want to vomit. It was the scariest 5 seconds of my life...until he was saved by my friend who dove down and rescued my baby. He was SAVED!!

Any person who has ever been rescued knows the feeling of gratitiude to their Saviour. The bible tells us that we are drowning in sin of our own choosing. We trust the things of this world more than the One who made it. God, in His incredible mercy has provided our salvation in Jesus Christ - the ONLY Saviour who took on death for us so we could live. We can be SAVED!!

Watch today's scope here: https://…

Know the Great "I AM"!

We usually think of the Great I AM in reference to Moses at the Burning Bush in the bible, however, today I want you to consider that the I AM was here on earth way before the time of Moses or Abraham or Adam. Saying I AM is a current tense of speech but the truth is that Jesus was, is and is to come.

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago, He became God in the flesh. He revealed Himself as the first and only divine and human person. It was so miraculous. There was no burning bush involved, but boy did He light up the world.

Now He is able to be more, do more than any other person who has ever lived! He can be whatever you need Him to be whenever you need Him. Due to the fact that He lived, died and rose again, He has become salvation for whoever will receive Him. He is a Spirit who existed before time and will remain for all time, even when time is no more. It's amazing to grasp that idea, but we don't need to understand. We need only to believe!

Here is today&#…

The Shepards went to see THE Shepard!

The shepards were watching their sheep by night when.....behold, they saw a brightness in the night sky. It was a very important announcement! Jesus had been born and was laying in a manger. Angels showed up and encouraged the shepards to see where the baby boy was laying. What a remarkable sight it was!

Did the sheep follow their shepards to the manger or do you think they left them behind? No good shepard leaves their sheep alone. These were rough-necks, the fighters and protectors of their flock. Do you think that because the sheep followed their Shepards they were privileged above over animals to be among the first to meet Jesus?

For every leader there are lessons here. Someone needs to be able to follow you to Jesus. It was nighttime and dark, yet the Shepards were watching the flock. They might have missed this amazing event if they had been sleeping. In John 10, Jesus calls Himself "The Shepard of the sheep". In Psalm 23, we see that the Shepard neither slumbers nor s…