No Other Savior!

Once I took my boys swimming at a friend's house. We were having a great time until one of my sons decided to go down "the big slide". This boy had no swimming lessons and yet he took the plunge just trusting that he would be ok. He went down and did not come up. We could not find him....

My heart sank. I was the worst mother on planet earth. My husband would never forgive me. Would I go to hell? Perhaps you know this feeling. You want to vomit. It was the scariest 5 seconds of my life...until he was saved by my friend who dove down and rescued my baby. He was SAVED!!

Any person who has ever been rescued knows the feeling of gratitiude to their Saviour. The bible tells us that we are drowning in sin of our own choosing. We trust the things of this world more than the One who made it. God, in His incredible mercy has provided our salvation in Jesus Christ - the ONLY Saviour who took on death for us so we could live. We can be SAVED!!

Watch today's scope here:


God, I receive your salvation in full. Thank you for saving me from myself, sin, death and hell. When nothing else could help, Your love lifted me and I am grateful. Thank you Jesus for being my Saviour. It is in Your name that we pray, Amen.


Now that you are saved, who can you identify that needs to be saved around you? Start praying about how God wants you to share the gift of salvation with them as well.


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