The Shepards went to see THE Shepard!

The shepards were watching their sheep by night when.....behold, they saw a brightness in the night sky. It was a very important announcement! Jesus had been born and was laying in a manger. Angels showed up and encouraged the shepards to see where the baby boy was laying. What a remarkable sight it was!

Did the sheep follow their shepards to the manger or do you think they left them behind? No good shepard leaves their sheep alone. These were rough-necks, the fighters and protectors of their flock. Do you think that because the sheep followed their Shepards they were privileged above over animals to be among the first to meet Jesus?

For every leader there are lessons here. Someone needs to be able to follow you to Jesus. It was nighttime and dark, yet the Shepards were watching the flock. They might have missed this amazing event if they had been sleeping. In John 10, Jesus calls Himself "The Shepard of the sheep". In Psalm 23, we see that the Shepard neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is always paying attention and protecting the sheep. You may not think of yourself as a leader, but if you are a boss, a parent or an entrepreneur you are leading others. Who are you pointing them to?

For every follower of the Shepard there is another lesson. The sheep ONLY hear the voice of their own Shepard and another they will not follow. They trust Him for direction. Trust the Shepard of your soul this Christmas. He knows the road that you take and He will guide you every step of the way!

Here is my scope for today:


Lord, be my Shepard. Let me lean and depend on You not people. Teach me to hear Your voice clearly and not follow another. Give me discernment even in the night seasons of my life. Thank you for the leaders in my life that point me to Jesus, make me one of them! Amen


Think about how to point someone to Jesus this season, then ask for The Good Shepard to guide you and DO IT!


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