For every disappointment in my life, God has given me a replacement. Negative words spoken over me have been replaced by the Word of God. Regrets from my past have been replaced by a glorious future. Even expectations from my husband have been replaced by quality time with the lover of my soul.

The enemy is crafty. He has a counterfeit, a mirage for every truth that God has given.

Instead of wondering what God's plans for you are, trust Him with what He has already revealed to you. Once we are transformed from this earthly kingdom to the heavenly kingdom we not only renew our minds, but replace our possessions. Think about this. Everything you own is now His. Every thought you think belongs to Christ. Every way you use your body is managing God's temple.

Now that we are saved, all things have become new - whether you acknowledge it or not. Some believe that salvation happens over time. According to my bible, the work of Jesus Christ is complete. That means that your new life began the very second you accepted a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. ALL old things have been replaced.

Live a replaced life.

There is a song that says that "I looked at my qhands and my hands looked new. I looked at my feet and my feet do too". If your view of life is the same as before you accepted Christ, then I wonder if you are really in the faith.

A change in the spiritual is a replacement in the natural. No change in the spiritual = normal life.
People tell me that they want to me mentored. They want to grow in their spiritual life. However, spiritual growth happens not from natural people, but from a supernatural God. You don't need another class, another teacher, another conference. You need to become a student of the Holy Spirit. Replace the things of the world with the things of God.

We walk by faith and not by sight. Ask for holy eyes with holy sight instead. Replace what you see with what you know that God has said. It is already finished. 


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