Know the Great "I AM"!

We usually think of the Great I AM in reference to Moses at the Burning Bush in the bible, however, today I want you to consider that the I AM was here on earth way before the time of Moses or Abraham or Adam. Saying I AM is a current tense of speech but the truth is that Jesus was, is and is to come.

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago, He became God in the flesh. He revealed Himself as the first and only divine and human person. It was so miraculous. There was no burning bush involved, but boy did He light up the world.

Now He is able to be more, do more than any other person who has ever lived! He can be whatever you need Him to be whenever you need Him. Due to the fact that He lived, died and rose again, He has become salvation for whoever will receive Him. He is a Spirit who existed before time and will remain for all time, even when time is no more. It's amazing to grasp that idea, but we don't need to understand. We need only to believe!

Here is today's scope:


God, You are the Great I AM! No one compares to you and there will never be another like you. Help our finite minds to simply trust you. As you were with Moses, be with us, forever. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!


Knowing who God is demands our faith in Him, our reverence and our obedience. Ask the Lord how you can serve Him today. Don't be surprised if the job feels bigger than your capabilities. Remember Moses!


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