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Rachel's Period.

Rachel did it! She stole the idols from her father and hid them in her tent. Then she covered them up and sat on top. When her dad comes to see if they have been stolen she says "Forgive me for not getting up dad, I'm on my period. You know how that is". He believes her and moves on.
Have you ever just told a straight out lie to someone's face, even someone you love and care about? Unfortunately,  I have and I bet I'm not alone.
Rachel ' s sin, like ours most times, started way before the lie however. She wanted and coveted an IDOL! Perhaps she was hoping that the god of fertility would give her more babies or that her sister would stop competing with her for Jacob ' s affections. In any case, she did not seek God, she wanted a false god and lied to protect it. How twisted!
Idolatry is putting anything in place of the One, True God. The bible never says that Rachel repented. We may never know, but we do know what we covet after in our own hearts. What th…

Leah's Baby Mama Drama

This week we are taking a closer look at Leah. She was the tender-eyed sister of Rachel who Jacob loved even though they were both married to him by trickery of her father. If that was not enough family drama, we see a constant rivalry between these two sisters over who can have the most children by Jacob.

As I read and studied, the Lord began to reveal to me how women often respond when they are hated by the men who are supposed to love them. What happens when you are the unloved wife. In the world's gospel, everyone deserves to be loved and if you are not, you need to ditch that zero and find a hero! However, in bible times, it was not that simplistic at all, and what was even MORE important than a healthy marriage was a healthy baby.

Now He Will Love Me

Once married to Jacob, Leah had several sons and with each birth, she thought that surely she would know her husband's love. Notice that sex was not love to her. She desired his heart. No all of us wives have the heart of ou…

Communion, Sex and the Church of Jesus Christ

Questions for Discussion & Reflection

1. Have you taken of communion unworthily? How can you change that?

2. Fasting is essential. Are you holding fast or taking communion? Is this what you should be doing at this time?

3. If you are married, communion should be part of your lifestyle. How can you improve your sex life to the glory of God?

4. Unity in the body was the prayer of Jesus in the book of John chapter 17. Read this prayer and pray with Christ!

Rebekah's Heart Problems

Rebekah was a hard working girl. She had her priorities in order and was doing what she was supposed to be doing. While drawing water from the well she showed a stranger generosity and hospitality. Little did she know that her act of kindness would be a blessing in her life and that she would be married in the next few days!
When we focus on the path that God has given us at the moment, we open doors of opportunity for blessings to come and overtake our lives. 
Rebekah was not afraid to take a chance on God. When God speaks we should obey immediately. When we are in right position then we can move quickly in obedience to God's will for our lives. 
Unfortunately, like most of us, Rebecca did not stay in right position all of her life. Her heart began to sway towards one of her sons in particular. Her focus changes. The Bible says that our hearts are deceitfully wicked. Rebecca allowed her affections for one of her sons to distract her and caused her to be deceptive. She used her b…