Rachel's Period.

Rachel did it! She stole the idols from her father and hid them in her tent. Then she covered them up and sat on top. When her dad comes to see if they have been stolen she says "Forgive me for not getting up dad, I'm on my period. You know how that is". He believes her and moves on.

Have you ever just told a straight out lie to someone's face, even someone you love and care about? Unfortunately,  I have and I bet I'm not alone.

Rachel ' s sin, like ours most times, started way before the lie however. She wanted and coveted an IDOL! Perhaps she was hoping that the god of fertility would give her more babies or that her sister would stop competing with her for Jacob ' s affections. In any case, she did not seek God, she wanted a false god and lied to protect it. How twisted!

Idolatry is putting anything in place of the One, True God. The bible never says that Rachel repented. We may never know, but we do know what we covet after in our own hearts. What thing would you turn your back on God to have? Would it truly be worth it?

Rachel attempts to cover her own sin by her blood, but only Christ's blood is pure enough to hide our sins.

If you are hiding your secret sins, don't cover up any longer. Your blood is not powerful enough to shield your wrongs. Confess your sins to God who abundantly pardons, heals and forgives.
Praise be to God for His blood that never loses its power!


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