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Go tell the Disciples

As I was doing some laundry over the weekend, I caught my son looking at the new Bible App for Kids. He was sitting in a laundry basket and enjoying himself. Then I heard the narrator talking about the Resurrection of Christ and the Holy Spirit opened my heart to something new in this situation. After Jesus had been buried Mary and some other women went to the tomb to put spices on his body. Think about this. When the Angels told them that Jesus was no longer there they were instructed to go and tell the disciples that Jesus was risen from the dead. They were the first who would share the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a calling! What a awesome command! I’m encouraged because they were told to tell disciples, not just anyone, but disciples.Disciples are people who follow Christ and encourage others to do the same. The gospel was given to dependable followers by women who were obedient. What if they had decided that they would sit at the tomb and wait around instead? What if they went o…

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is so much to be thankful for. There really is! I am in much prayer for my brothers and sisters in the Philippines this week. They are still suffering. That typhoon was huge and has disrupted their lives in an immeasurable way. The country has literally changed shape overnight. Those of us that were unaffected have much to be grateful for. I hope that you will take the time to support ministries that are reaching out to those who are now homeless, jobless, widowed, orphaned, or naked and are in much need of the Savior today.

In my giving thanks I am also driven to my knees to look at the others who do not have as much as I do. We always say we are going to pray for others but do we really? Find that sometimes if I do not pray for people right away I become a liar when I say that I will pray for them. That is just unacceptable. So if I ask you for a prayer request and you give me one, know that I really am praying. And God has been answering…

Clean this House

When I was single, I would often look up to married women who seemed to have it all together. They knew the Lord, had Prince Charming, a couple of kids, a pet and a beautiful home. I told myself that this was a dream that could be real for me. Very early I knew that I would be a wife one day. I actually looked forward to marriage much more than even having children (which is another reason why it was about five years later). I knew that I could do this wife thing: submission, sex and cooking. What I did NOT prepare for well was the cleaning!
Now, I'm a neat person. I really am. I put things back in their places and most people are rather impressed that my home is not a pigsty considering that I have two boys that are eight and "about to be seven mom". However, my husband has one idea of cleanliness and I had another. We are both neat, but there is neat and there is "excellence". My hubby says to strive for what is excellent. We are stewards of our home and the…

My Source

God is my Source. He is the reason for and the reason why all things exist. When I think of the word source, I think of money of course, but I also think of my source of salvation and of life.

I did a bit of a word study on source, resource and outsource. Here are their definitions:

Source - a place, person or thing from which something comes; someone or something that provides what us needed or wanted; where something springs into being; origin

Resource - a stock or supply; other assets for effective operation; something used for support or help; provision

Outsource - obtained from an outside or foreign supplier; to send off to be done by people from outside the "company"

God is the source in the sense of being the Creator. He also is the supplier. He gives us everything that we need to do what He has made us for. In addition to that, He sends others from outside to assist us in what He wants us to do. This can be in the form of unsaved helpers or even enemies who push you to …

Hunger Pains

This morning I read Acts chapter 27 where imprisoned Paul and other shipmates were caught in a life-threatening storm and were so worried that they did not eat for 14 days! After a while, Paul prophesied that God revealed to them that their lives would be spared.This is what the Lord showed me:

We are not in control. When we do not listen and obey the voice of God, He may allow the storms of life to redirect us. God is always merciful. His ambassadors have a different perspective in the storm. We can be optimistic and hopeful and fearful situations. We still have bread. God is maintaining us.
When we fast, we do not worry about not eating later. We know that at least we have bread coming later on. While Jesus was here, there was no need to fast, but now that He is not, fasting is a discipline to keep us dependent on the Bread of Life and to recognize our true source of real sustenance. God will sustain and uphold us until we reach the destination that he has predestined for us. We ma…

Big Announcement!

So I have been working on something and it has finally been completed!I'm so very excited to introduce to you my new book entitled "The Titus Ten".
www.wifestyleimagenetwork.comThis book is a resource for Wifestyle Image Network women. It explains Titus 2:3-5 in a very practical way and gives examples from my personal life and others who have shared their stories with me. There are ten things in Titus that every woman needs to teach younger women. So even if you do not consider yourself older or younger, this book is for you!Please get a copy for you and for a friend. This is a journey through the bible that you do not want to take alone. Follow up video training that accompany the book will begin in December so buy  your copy now.I pray that this resource is a blessing to you and to the women in your life!

Fall Back, Spring Forward

The blessings of following Jesus far outweigh the trials that He allows us to go through to refine us. Even in our sin and disobedience, His grace is ever sufficient. 
It's daylight savings time. Someone had this idea to "save the light" of day by making everyone in the time zone gain an hour in the fall and lose an hour in the spring. This usually happens as we all sleep here in the U.S. We lose an hour of sleep and people complain about that because their internal clocks become disoriented. While we attempt to rest, our rest is stolen unless we prepare ourselves for falling back. Perhaps you already see where I am going with this. God knows that we will fall into sin. So he has made provision in not sparing His Son to die. The Son is gone; but when Jesus left this world, He gave us the Holy Spirit to direct us internally. You see, the Holy Spirit convinces us of the truth of the Bible and convicts us when we fall into sin. When we fall back, He redeems the time for us…