Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is so much to be thankful for. There really is! I am in much prayer for my brothers and sisters in the Philippines this week. They are still suffering. That typhoon was huge and has disrupted their lives in an immeasurable way. The country has literally changed shape overnight. Those of us that were unaffected have much to be grateful for. I hope that you will take the time to support ministries that are reaching out to those who are now homeless, jobless, widowed, orphaned, or naked and are in much need of the Savior today.

In my giving thanks I am also driven to my knees to look at the others who do not have as much as I do. We always say we are going to pray for others but do we really? Find that sometimes if I do not pray for people right away I become a liar when I say that I will pray for them. That is just unacceptable. So if I ask you for a prayer request and you give me one, know that I really am praying. And God has been answering those prayers. I am grateful this morning for life, health and strength and all of the other things that are so intangible like salvation, the Holy Spirit working in my life and forgiveness of my sins. How about you what things are you grateful for this week?

Being grateful should drive us to our knees. Not only because we are overcome with God's blessings but because there are so many others who we should be being a blessing to. Your blessings are never just for you. God puts you in a position of overflow to flow over into the lives of others.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there is less fluff and more substance. That is, if we take the time to enjoy the substance. It is not about filling ourselves full with food, but filling ourselves up with the Holy Spirit in a time of gratefulness and appreciation to God. So many of us are so spoiled and we cry over things that do not matter. We concern ourselves over things that are not eternal and we worry about things that we cannot change even though we do not need them.

It's time for believers to wake up and to realize their blessings and share a, a lot! That's right, if we have more than enough why aren't we sharing? We are like a spoiled little kids who whine about the least important things. Please take time to be thankful this week really spend time evaluating how God has bless you. Not only that, but reach out to someone else who is in need. This life is all we get to share Christ. Feed His sheep not your!
Totally freezing today, but grateful for the snow that reminders me of summer.


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