Hunger Pains

This morning I read Acts chapter 27 where imprisoned Paul and other shipmates were caught in a life-threatening storm and were so worried that they did not eat for 14 days! After a while, Paul prophesied that God revealed to them that their lives would be spared.This is what the Lord showed me:

We are not in control. When we do not listen and obey the voice of God, He may allow the storms of life to redirect us. God is always merciful. His ambassadors have a different perspective in the storm. We can be optimistic and hopeful and fearful situations. We still have bread. God is maintaining us.

When we fast, we do not worry about not eating later. We know that at least we have bread coming later on. While Jesus was here, there was no need to fast, but now that He is not, fasting is a discipline to keep us dependent on the Bread of Life and to recognize our true source of real sustenance. God will sustain and uphold us until we reach the destination that he has predestined for us. We may lose things but Jesus never loses us. Our lives are held secure even though we are experiencing the hunger pains. So we can fast without fear. We know that The Bread is coming.


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