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Our summer - in pictures


Not so all

This morning as I woke up and had my morning devotional I thought about how many times I have missed the selah moment or time of meditation. As I was thinking about this I thought about my birthday yesterday and how badly I was feeling that I have to work that day. Then the Lord gently reminded me of the passage of scripture that says to think of whatsoever things are true and lovely. I never really concentrated on what things were lovely in my life until that moment. I even recall last Sunday when we were discussing the book of Habakkuk. When everything seems so crazy sometimes that makes things even more crazy but I really should always be praise and worship. I am taking the time to praise and worship my God for things I thought you were bad but were not so bad at all. I am practicing thinking on what is true, lovely and of a good report. I am thanking God for my birthday, my family, my new bike, cake and for being alive and well and a christian in America.