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Balance has a new definition for me. It is more than just juggling several things well at once, it is being able to stand and not fall over. Balance is regulated internally, not externally. Its the inner ear that gives you balance, not the way you handle your day-to-day schedule.
If we are to be Titus 2 women, we need a proper balance in our lives. I mean, we should be able to stand for God when others are falling away. In such a quickly changing world where people are giving up quickly on hope, Jesus Christ is our hope, our rock, our stability. He is the one who brings balance from the chaos that is our lives. Every morning it is essential for your life to get marching orders from Him. Let it be the first order of the day.
Let Jesus be the weight that holds you down. So that your life will be in proper balance. Ask God to keep you from falling, falling into sin, back into old habits and falling into any beds or ungodly relationships. He brings balance to the mind heart soul and spi…