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My Marriage Legacy

My Marriage Legacy - Walking Together
Lately, I have been talking to God about my marriage. I want it to be even better than what it already is! Since we are in ministry together, people are often asking us questions and want our viewpoint on various topics. I get asked about sex, money, kids, divorce, porn, abuse, you name it. So, it makes me want my own marriage in tip top shape!

My marriage legacy will be left to my two sons. What they see, hear and learn, whether spoken or unspoken, will influence the next generation. I pray that they want a wife who is good to them "like mommy is to daddy".

I want them to see Christ and His Church. I want them to see a man and woman in love - the mushy gush kind and the "I would die for you" kind. I want them to say that their parents laughed so hard together and that they embraced each other through the hard times. I want every sacrifice in my marriage to scream "I love you this much". 

My desire is to walk together tow…