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The Last Supper (of 2012)

Well, this is it friends! The end of 2012 is almost here and the Lord has given me one more hard lesson. It was very unexpected too.

So there I was in the kitchen making a great mexican dinner for our last meal of the day, month and year. I was really excited about doing it because my whole family loves tacos! Now, let me set the scene for you - I'm cooking, the hubby is literally over my shoulder in anticipation and the boys were playing upstairs. Before I can even prepare everything, everyone starts rushing me to finish, asking for certain things in particular and asking what dessert will be. After I'm done my guys pounce on everything like they have never eaten before in their lives. I always make sure my husband gets his plate first, and as you have probably guessed...I'm last at the table even though by this time, I'm awfully hungry as well.
Then the strangest thing happened. My Chay says "Yuck! I don't want this stuff. It looks nasty. Give me something e…

Christmas 2012

My Christmas meditation:
This Christmas season I find myself in the book of Isaiah recalling all that the prophet foretold of Jesus Christ. I noticed that he is King of kings and Lord of lords, The Mighty God and the one who's Kingdom has no end. The thing that strikes me the most this year is that the government would be upon His shoulders. I asked the Lord what that meant. The Holy Spirit tells me that He is the upholder of every ruler (ie, kingdom) of the world. He bears the weight of all leadership. Government is His burden to bear, not ours. I am a voter but I am not highly involved in politics for a reason. I am an Independent and rightfully so. My Lord and ruler is not of this world. I am merely an ambassador of the Kingdom of God here and am Holy Royalty at home. The other kingdoms, rulers, leaders and kings of this world are under His government. I thought that was a great encouragement considering the current state of affairs of this world. I simply cannot spend my time…

Home remedy

This will probably only be exciting to other women who do dishes perpetually (as I do)! I ran out of dishwasher soap and I was not trying to go to the store to get some (or wash them by hand - are you kidding me?!) So, my darling husband came up with the idea of finding a home remedy online. He would say that cuz he's a very techy guy. Anywho, I found one and it worked! So of course, I'm sharing it with you. Here is the recipe:1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of baking soda
A dime-sized amount of dish soapThat's it! Simple, cheap and effective. God is good!

Sister Party

My sisters and I have a tradition. We often get together and spend quality time doing things that we like. We truly are best friends. As our "end of the year get together", we decided to do a nail party. We had a blast for a blessed four hours. Pizza, wings, lattes and lots of music and heartfelt laughter. Hopefully we were not getting high on the acetone. Talk about a girls night out! Me - least likely to do something crazy with my polish! Lisa - The most likely to have a plethera of nailcare essentials. Rose - The author and the hostess for our sister events.

Holy Help Holy Guidance

Pinky Promise

I am intrigued by a new website I found the other day. It is the pinky promise movement. It was started by a woman of God with a ministry of reconciliation and encouragement to single and married women to be faithful to God and with their bodies. You should check it out When you join, and I'm sure you will be sure to add me as a friend!
And yes, I did make the promise....but I did that many moons ago. Have a great weekend!

Candycane Tea

Orange ginger mint is an after meal round herbal tea from The Republic of Tea. Its very strong for an herbal tea. I added sugar and steeped it for about 1 minute. The ginger is most apparent. I love mint so I added a candycane and it was perfect after lunch today!


Chay - the night before kindergarten. *tear* 8/2012

Sneak Peak - December 2012

Sneak Peak - Beauty & Fashion  Great Fashion Link Here!

Our summer - in pictures


Not so all

This morning as I woke up and had my morning devotional I thought about how many times I have missed the selah moment or time of meditation. As I was thinking about this I thought about my birthday yesterday and how badly I was feeling that I have to work that day. Then the Lord gently reminded me of the passage of scripture that says to think of whatsoever things are true and lovely. I never really concentrated on what things were lovely in my life until that moment. I even recall last Sunday when we were discussing the book of Habakkuk. When everything seems so crazy sometimes that makes things even more crazy but I really should always be praise and worship. I am taking the time to praise and worship my God for things I thought you were bad but were not so bad at all. I am practicing thinking on what is true, lovely and of a good report. I am thanking God for my birthday, my family, my new bike, cake and for being alive and well and a christian in America.

Albertina Walker play. Yay!

All of my favorite things: family, education, gospel music and Jesus all rolled up into one.

Hand-clapping, dancing in the aisles musical play to share story of gospel legend Albertina Walker - Local News

Learning financial Responsibility

My boys just have to have the new Iron Man Repulsor toy. I told them to go in their piggy banks and see how much money they have. This toy cost a crazy 17 dollars. They came up with $26 put together, so I told them that if they washed my car today I would give them each a dollar and they could each get a toy.
I'm so proud of them for sharing their money; first of all because one son gave the other one at least 6 dollars.  Without it, he could not have gotten a toy. Secondly I am proud of them for taking up the challenge to wash my car to earn extra cash on top of the other chores that they have to do on a Saturday. They are really growing up!

Be a Nurse

Not THAT kind of nurse, a spiritual nurse. There are people all over the world who are hungry or thirsty naked sick, and are in need of a nurse.

I was working today and on my break I decided to stop in a parking lot across from a dollar store. There was a man out side who was begging for money. He simply sat and shook his cup at every person who passed by. It was one of those moments where I would be justified in not doing anything. I could simply go on about my day and ignore him, or give him some money. Those were my only options at the time or so I thought. I decided to ignore him.

As I pulled away in the parking lot I recalled the scriptures that mentioned giving to the poor, doing for the least of these and, if someone asked anything of him that you should give it to him. I wrestled with my flesh for about a minute and then I saw a Mcdonald's very close by. I pulled in and ordered a value meal and turned around and gave it to the man who was extremely grateful.

I am a nurse…


Image I just finished day 84 of Eat this Book: One Year Bible with Daily Psalm Bible reading plan at YouVersion.comI am finding that I need to spend more and more time in the word of God. Do I have a ton of extra time no, but once again I must reprioritize to keep God first in my life. Today is Sunday and I believe that from now on Sundays will be my day to get into the word of God..

Mother's Day

Sometimes the Lord gives me a revelation; Not something new necessarily, but my eyes are more open to something that has been true all along. I've just had one of those moments about motherhood.

Moms come in every shape, form, fashion, color and creed whether intentionally, by choice or not. But in any case, God has allowed a woman to assist in raising a child.

The work a mother does is similar to the work of the Holy Spirit.

1. She shares physical space with her child. The Holy Spirit dwells within us.

2. A good mom teaches her child right from wrong. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and reminds us of what Jesus has said.

3. Mothers are good at understanding. We call her and she seems to be good at making everything ok. The Holy Spirit interprets our prayers, moans and groans as well.

Now, don't get it twisted. We are not referring to gender identity, only roles and similarities. The Lord is a Spirit, neither male nor female. Most of the time, God is referred to as Father…

Cinco de Mayo - A few of my favorite things

Love the zipper and heel on these!
My tallest heels yet!
Speechless ~


R&R! Thanks Rose!


I'm so hurt today. What is supposed to be a special time has been overshadowed by an enemy sent to steal, kill and destroy me. I know that every day is a spiritual fight and its not that I'm unprepared, just in shock that the devil would stoop so low. But then again, he is the devil, right?This is one of those times when I have to stand and having done all - just stand. And if my God is for me who can stand against me? NO ONE!!! and NOTHING!!!Praise God who always causes me to triumph in every place. Its so strange that my tests come in the form of wanting revenge for the evils done to me. It draws me to my knees every time because that is where my help comes from. I cast my cares on Him because He cares for me - Really. Cares.I will trust God with my heart and my emotions in this moment.Thank you Lord for your peace. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your compassion and never ending loving kindness to me, your daughter.

A Real Parent

We can learn so much from animals about parenting. Almost all creatures have instincts when it comes to their little ones. I was struck by this goose carefully maintaining her position of protection for her eggs. She was resting behind a bush on the curb of the drive to my workplace. Although her small family was not in the optimal environment, she made due with what she had. It wasn't much, but she kept a watchful eye.

Its simple things like this that brings my mind to the greatest of our creator. He is concerned about every living thing and even the must mundane of circumstances in life today. Glory to God! The Bible says that He is like a hen who longs to gather her brood safely under her wings (Luke 13:34, KJV). Whether we are aware or not, we have the greatest parenting exampe in the Lord Himself!

On the contrary, we heard about a father who tried to kidnap his own children from school today. There was an amber alert for the children in this particular family. Chay was reall…

Spring Break

This Spring break was great! Our family got a chance to go to the IX Center amusement park. We went our to eat a few times, the boys spent tons of time outdoors with their new best friends and I took a lot of naps! Here are a few pictures of our fun!