The Last Supper (of 2012)

Well, this is it friends! The end of 2012 is almost here and the Lord has given me one more hard lesson. It was very unexpected too.

So there I was in the kitchen making a great mexican dinner for our last meal of the day, month and year. I was really excited about doing it because my whole family loves tacos! Now, let me set the scene for you - I'm cooking, the hubby is literally over my shoulder in anticipation and the boys were playing upstairs. Before I can even prepare everything, everyone starts rushing me to finish, asking for certain things in particular and asking what dessert will be. After I'm done my guys pounce on everything like they have never eaten before in their lives. I always make sure my husband gets his plate first, and as you have probably guessed...I'm last at the table even though by this time, I'm awfully hungry as well.

Then the strangest thing happened. My Chay says "Yuck! I don't want this stuff. It looks nasty. Give me something else - anything but this stuff". Say WHAT?!! Excuse me?!! I had just prepared what I thought was his favorite meal. His little statement really threw me off my "Holy Girl" game. I was immediately bitter, mad, angry and really hurt. You have to understand. This son is the one who still cries when I leave and tells me that he loves me a million times a day. He just cannot sleep without mommy's good night hug and kiss. How rude!! Didn't I train him better than that? I know kids can be picky, but seriously? FINE! I'm not fixing anything else. No one even said thank you. I wallowed in these thoughts during my meal. Then something occurred to me.

"Isn't this how you treat me sometimes?" -God

Gulp! Really? Do I beg for blessings and favor from the Giver of all things pertaining to live and righteousness and then brush Him off? He gives me what I need (like life, health and food) and sometimes I can be a spoiled brat of a King's kid. How dare his children treat Him like that! Didn't he teach us better? (Phillipians 4:8-13).

I pray that I will always be a gracious recipient of God's abundant blessings to me and openly express my gratitude for His profuse faithfulness and loving sacrifice, especially after this last supper has ended and 2013 has begun.
The last supper (of 2012 that is).


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