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That word brings many  emotions with it. It scares some people who are not ready and excites some who are looking forward to an anniversary. It brings mixed memories to those who may be divorced and anxiety to the singles who are still looking, waiting and wishing.

I have learned a few things as a wife that I want to share with you today.

Marriage is a gift.
The very idea of marriage between a man and a woman comes from God. The earth was formed from nothing and is sustained by the Creator. He gives it to man as a gift and the woman is a gift to man from God. Marriage is the covenant relationship that replaces man's aloneness with a relationship that God calls "Good". So since it is a gift, we ought to thank God for it. How? By enjoying it, making the most out of it and using it to glorify Him every day.
 Marriage is a journey.
Most people are aware that most marriages start in one place and end up somewhere else.They start happy and full of expectation for the p…