Now that our boys are off from school, the house is a mess. Really. 

Every day, we have the same conversations about cleaning up after themselves, how important it really is to take a shower and to remember to unfold their socks before they go into the washing machine. We all live here together so we should all be good stewards of our space. This is not a new conversation, but a regular one in our household these days. It affects our relationships with each other.

In the same way, God expects us to be good stewards of the things that He has given us. (1 Corinthians 4:2). He has given us our bodies to care for, children to rear and relationships to maintain. Just because our situation or season changes does not mean that responsibility to be a good steward is optional. Just because it is summer, does not mean that our boys get out of cleaning their rooms either!

 Just because our situation or season changes does not mean that responsibility to be a good steward is optional.
I seriously …

Defining Godly Mentorship: What it Really Means

A mentor is a person that you can look up to. Usually this is a person that you want to be like in some way, shape or form. A mentor leads by example and may not even realize that they are paving the way for others.

Godly mentorship is the idea of leading someone closer to Christ by your lifestyle whether intentionally or unintentionally. Being a mentor is being a representative. The Bible calls this kind of person an  ambassador for Christ ( 2 Corinthians 5:20). The mission that this ambassador has is reconciliation of others to God. The way this person lives, acts, speaks and what they do are allowing people to be drawn closer to or further away from the Lord.

Mentoring can be done on purpose by engaging others around you and encouraging them to follow Jesus. Many times there are opportunities in church or discipleship groups. Mentoring can also be done on purpose in one-on-one relationships, or couple to couple like we have experienced.

Mentoring is also done unintentionally. Peopl…

Mother's Day Blog Series/Giveaway

This year, as I reminisce about being a mother to my two boys, I would like to take you on the journey. See and read about my growth (and theirs) over the past 6 years in 6 previous blogposts.

Here they are in order with links:

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What loving your children really means

If you are 1.) A subscriber and 2.) Read and comment on each one, you will be eligible to win BOTH of my books. Also, if you are a blogger or author, 3.) Add a link to one of YOUR posts/books about christian motherhood for an extra entry! One winner will be selected on Mother's Day and announced on May 16th! Use the hashtag #momdayblog!

Kissing for your Health!

It's TRUE! I am not just saying that because I am a nursing educator. Obviously, I have bonafide statistical, analytical reasoning behind such a statement. But I have to also say, that I know it to be true myself. As one who has kissed and been kissed for many years, I have a wealth of knowledge regarding this. Lol. Ok, so let's get to the real deal here.

A really good passionate kiss on the lips will stimulate a lot of things including more blood to your tissues and saliva to your mouth. It lowers your blood pressure and can help with cramps. It also feels good because you are releasing your happy hormone - oxytocin. It is a neurotransmitter that tells your brain that your body feels good and it also decreases your stress.

When you have all that extra saliva, it actually strengthens your gums and teeth also. Without moisture in your mouth, you are more prone to dental caries and other gum diseases. Dry mouths are uncomfortable anyway, so tell your spouse that you need a kiss …

What ignoring Social Media did to my marriage

I quit social media for a month. It had some unexpected consequences and delightful rewards.


We didn't know what was going on. When I stopped checking facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat, I lost communication with several hundreds of people. I suddenly realized that I missed my online friends. Some of our mutual marriage friends didn't even realize that we were silent online. I also realized who some of my real friends really were too.

We realized that we missed capturing daily moments through pictures and sharing in real time. Life slowed down a bit which was great for Maurice, but less adventurous for me. I actually like a faster pace of life.


We used the phone more and sent cards. My real friends actually missed me before 31 days were up. Deaths, weddings and funerals happened and instead of sending a post, we sent cards.

Those closest to us also reached out "just because". Real friends don't need a reason.

We had so much more time…

Happy Valentine's Day

Just recently, one of our sons came to us expressing his new crush for some girl. Wondering who in the world this special girl could be, we asked him and he refused to share that information. Imagine that! Our 12 year-old wanted advice about what to give this girl for Valentine's Day, so we had a talk about treating older women as mothers and younger women as sisters (I Timothy 5:2). Not sure if that is what he was expecting, but we think it went ok.

BUT....As our special Valentine's Day gift to YOU, we have three blogposts that we would like to re-introduce to you. Hope that you enjoy reading whether married or not! Leave a comment or two. We love to hear from our subscribers!

15 Things We Know About Marriage

Marriage Investment

Loving my Husband

What am I supposed to do?

So many times during prayer I have asked this question: What am I supposed to do? We all feel that we have a grand purpose and I believe that is God's design. We were all created to do something in a way that no one else can for the glory of God. However, discerning God's will for your life can be daunting. Discerning God's will for your marriage can be quite the task as well (especially if you have never even had that thought). Many people mistakenly think that their marriage is for their pleasure alone - not so. God brings two people together in a relationship because He has work for them to do. You may even feel that your spouse's purpose is more defined than yours.

We want to share some biblical insight on purpose, how to figure out what yours is and what it means for your marriage.

The only way to know what you were created for is to ask the Creator. However, in addition to the obvi…