Best Marriage Resources!

We are huge proponents of christian marriage resources out there!  When we were married 17 years ago many of these resources were just coming out.  Whether you are a newlywed or a seasoned veteran in marriage, it can still be challenging to discern which ones are truly helpful for your particular marriage needs.

While there is lots of help available now, we still choose to focus on small group Bible study. The Word works! Although we do refer people to marriage counseling (because we are in no way experts ourselves), mentoring has a more profound impact in the marriages that we have had the opportunity to walk alongside.

It is great if a wife wants a woman's conference and if sometimes, the guys want a getaway to work on themselves as husbands. However, we find that there is nothing more effective than when a couple work together in seeking God's Word as an authority towards their marriage.

We have participated in several small group studies for married couples. One of those g…

Church and Marriage (Part 4 of 4): Raising Christian Children

It is one thing to establish communing and fellowship in church with your spouse, but adding children will change the dynamic.

When a couple with children decides to follow Christ, know that there will be little eyes following who you follow. It is supremely paramount to give your children good spiritual influences as you would with anything else. We take our time t choose good schools and good doctors, so why not take the same care with something so important?

Parents are Spiritual Teachers.

Parents are the first spiritual influences for their offspring. We see biblical principles and precepts to mothers and to fathers in the scripture. Here are a few:

Proverbs 6:20-35
This verse encourages children not to forsake the commands and instructions that both of their parents have taught them.

Proverbs 1:8
Solomon writes to his son in this verse to obey his father and mother.

Proverbs 23:22
This proverb reminds children that the teaching of their parents extends even to old age.

Psalm 44:1

Church and Marriage (Part 3 of 4): Doing Ministry

As we think about doing Ministry in the same church together, we have to remember God's order for the church. Jesus is the head of His church. The man follows Christ and the woman follows the man. This is biblical order. So when we speak about Ministry, we have to remember that it is for everyone in the body of Christ. We also believe that the gender roles in the church are outlined in the word of God. Women should prayerfully consider their ministry options with their husbands.

Since before we were married, we decided that we wanted to do ministry together. It was a challenge to find a church that actually had  opportunities for us to do what we feel that God had called us to do. We knew God for ourselves, had been baptized and had heard from the Lord regarding what we should do and we were looking for a church that aligned with that direction for our marriage which is our first Ministry.

It is important to have your own house in order before attempting to minister to other people…

Church and Marriage (Part 2 of 4): Five things to do AFTER church

Once church is over, how is life at home? While in church, we have often been that couple that  has put each other in the sermon and suggested to one another that it would be a great word for the other person.  Have you ever done that?  The message would be on submission and the husband would glare at the wife, or the message would be on love and the wife would glare at the husband. We have to remember that all of God's word is for all of us all the time. Although it may not feel especially applicable to your marriage at the moment it may be needed for tomorrow or next week or next year.

Church is the place where many marriages are brought together, however, it is also the place where some marriages fall apart.

When either the husband or the wife are experiencing some church hurt for some reason, we have to be careful to not let it affect our marriage as a whole.  At times, there may even be a couple in the church that we look up to and considered them as mentors and then they di…

Church & Marriage (Part 1 of 4): We Are One

Church and marriage. When we think about this topic, it often makes us think of the biblical equivalent of Christ and His Church. (Ephesians 5:22-32)  However, as much as we want to embrace that idea thoroughly, we also want to share some practical applications of being married and going to church together. You see, we have more recently come across many couples who do not share the same church home.  We have had several discussions amongst  ourselves regarding this topic.

Is it truly biblical for a couple not to be in the same congregation? Or is it actually okay because real church is not a building anyway?
Many of us know that Jesus was not a member of a church congregation per se. He was a part of the Jewish culture and was a rabbi. (John 3:2) So he did hold a leadership position in the synagogue. But Jesus was obviously unmarried as we know from the scriptures. So the question becomes  the Bible set any president for those who are married?  We also know from scripture that Aquila …


Now that our boys are off from school, the house is a mess. Really. 

Every day, we have the same conversations about cleaning up after themselves, how important it really is to take a shower and to remember to unfold their socks before they go into the washing machine. We all live here together so we should all be good stewards of our space. This is not a new conversation, but a regular one in our household these days. It affects our relationships with each other.

In the same way, God expects us to be good stewards of the things that He has given us. (1 Corinthians 4:2). He has given us our bodies to care for, children to rear and relationships to maintain. Just because our situation or season changes does not mean that responsibility to be a good steward is optional. Just because it is summer, does not mean that our boys get out of cleaning their rooms either!

 Just because our situation or season changes does not mean that responsibility to be a good steward is optional.
I seriously …

Defining Godly Mentorship: What it Really Means

A mentor is a person that you can look up to. Usually this is a person that you want to be like in some way, shape or form. A mentor leads by example and may not even realize that they are paving the way for others.

Godly mentorship is the idea of leading someone closer to Christ by your lifestyle whether intentionally or unintentionally. Being a mentor is being a representative. The Bible calls this kind of person an  ambassador for Christ ( 2 Corinthians 5:20). The mission that this ambassador has is reconciliation of others to God. The way this person lives, acts, speaks and what they do are allowing people to be drawn closer to or further away from the Lord.

Mentoring can be done on purpose by engaging others around you and encouraging them to follow Jesus. Many times there are opportunities in church or discipleship groups. Mentoring can also be done on purpose in one-on-one relationships, or couple to couple like we have experienced.

Mentoring is also done unintentionally. Peopl…