A Real Parent

We can learn so much from animals about parenting. Almost all creatures have instincts when it comes to their little ones. I was struck by this goose carefully maintaining her position of protection for her eggs. She was resting behind a bush on the curb of the drive to my workplace. Although her small family was not in the optimal environment, she made due with what she had. It wasn't much, but she kept a watchful eye.

Its simple things like this that brings my mind to the greatest of our creator. He is concerned about every living thing and even the must mundane of circumstances in life today. Glory to God! The Bible says that He is like a hen who longs to gather her brood safely under her wings (Luke 13:34, KJV). Whether we are aware or not, we have the greatest parenting exampe in the Lord Himself!

On the contrary, we heard about a father who tried to kidnap his own children from school today. There was an amber alert for the children in this particular family. Chay was really concerned about it and I told him to pray. We did and we later heard that the amber alert was cancelled because the four children had been found across town. It's a crazy world and we cannot keep an eye on our children at all times. However, we can trust them to the One who never sleeps or slumbers (Psalm 121:4, KJV). I am so glad!

Not all parents are good parents. But we do have a good God. And the Bible tells us that when our mother and father forsake us, then the Lord will take us up. Glory to God again! Whether you are wondering if you will be a good parent because your parents were not, or whether you feel as though it is to late to parent well, there is hope in prayer.

The best parent will never stop praying for their chidren. When we have done our best, we leave our chicks in the hands of their Maker.


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