My Source

God is my Source. He is the reason for and the reason why all things exist. When I think of the word source, I think of money of course, but I also think of my source of salvation and of life.

I did a bit of a word study on source, resource and outsource. Here are their definitions:

Source - a place, person or thing from which something comes; someone or something that provides what us needed or wanted; where something springs into being; origin

Resource - a stock or supply; other assets for effective operation; something used for support or help; provision

Outsource - obtained from an outside or foreign supplier; to send off to be done by people from outside the "company"

God is the source in the sense of being the Creator. He also is the supplier. He gives us everything that we need to do what He has made us for. In addition to that, He sends others from outside to assist us in what He wants us to do. This can be in the form of unsaved helpers or even enemies who push you to your destiny in Christ.

When we realize that for Him, and through Him and to Him are all things (Romans 11:36) we realize that our lives and whatever we think we can offer God are already His. This brings me to the conclusion that God owns us and we are caretakers of whatever He generously supplies.

I then had the thought that I am the Lord's resource. If He lives inside of me and I am usable by Him, then I become a conduit of His blessings to others. Think of how electricity works. It is its own source and the use of its power comes only through something else. The Holy Spirit works through those who are willing to be used of God, but the power of God in our lives and in our gifts and talents are not just for us. They are for others to the glory of God!

When I read Revelation chapter 1 this morning, I stopped when I got to the part that said that John was "in the spirit" on the Lord's day. We can be in the flow of the Spirit, but the capacity of use is in our power. How much of us can the Lord use freely? If we cannot be used by the Source, He is able to outsource to get His will accomplished by other means. In no way does the wire that is supposed to conduct electricity diminish the source. It is simply disposed of and replaced.

My prayer is to be a live wire for the Kingdom. I never want to say "God you can have only this much of what You have given me". What?! That doesn't even make sense. We are stewards of His blessings, our lives, money, time and marriages. When He returns, will what He gave you be multiplied?


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